30K. JIS Flange

The JIS 30K flange is one of the less commonly used flanges. Because of its cost as well as its characteristics.

And each flange has different standards and characteristics.
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Specifications  JIS 30K flanges

JIS 30K flange product information:

  • Outer Diameter: DN10 ~ DN400
  • Specifications for bolt-hole diameter are similar to other pressure classes
  • Type: Hollow Flange, Blind Flange
  • Production standard: JIS B2220
  • Pressure level: 30Kg/cm2
  • Material: A105, SS400, Q235, A36, SUS210/304/316
  • Origin: Imported
Flange JIS 30K

The advantages and applications of JIS 30K. flanges

The biggest advantage of this type of flange is its large bearing capacity. Similarly in terms of thickness, the higher the pressure class, the greater the thickness of the flange.

However, it is because of such greater thickness that the weight of the flange increases, and the product cost is higher than other pressure classes.
So it is mainly used in projects that require high working pressure such as gas pipes, oil pipes, and pressure boilers, …


Some applications of JIS 30K. flange

There are many different types of flanges such as blind flanges, slip-on flanges, weld neck flanges, and plate flanges. Each of them serves a different and unique purpose in the piping.

Flange dimensions include multiple referenced data, flange thickness, OD, ID, PCD, bolt hole, shaft height, shaft thickness, and sealing face.
Therefore, if you want to buy flanges to ensure the right standards and specifications, please contact Tiger steel for detailed advice.

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