Galvanized Steel Pipe DN200 | 219.1 x 5.16mm

Galvanized Steel Pipe DN200

Galvanized Steel Pipe  DN200 | φ 219.1 x 6.35mm is a carbon steel pipe coated with a protective zinc layer on the surface through electrolysis or hot dipping.

The thickness of the zinc coating is controlled and adjusted appropriately according to the specifications of the product line.

  1. Types of galvanized steel pipes DN200

Based on the production method and product characteristics, galvanized steel pipe is divided into the following two types

1.1 Electro-galvanized steel pipe

This is a type of steel pipe where the galvanizing process is carried out before the finished steel pipe is welded.

Raw steel is dipped in a solution containing zinc alloy. Use electrolysis to make zinc ions adhere to the surface of the steel plate. The layer is dense (ranging from 12 to 27 µm) and contains no organic matter.

Has good corrosion resistance. However, the galvanized layer is thin, if used for a long time, the pipe may still rust.

quy cách ống thép mạ kẽm tiêu chuẩn BS

Therefore, electrolytic galvanized corrugated iron pipes cannot be used as clean water pipes for drinking and coal gas pipes.

The smooth tube surface should be used in the production of small parts requiring precision plating.

Such as screws, Machine building, electronics, precision instruments, chemicals, light industry, transportation.

Weapons, aerospace, atomic energy, … in the national economy have great significance.

1.2 Galvanized Steel Pipe DN200 | 219.1 x 5.16mm

This type of steel pipe is coated with galvanized zinc by dipping into a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of 500 ℃. The zinc dipping process is done after the product has been shaped.

The thickness of the galvanized layer ranges from 40-80 µm depending on the standard section of the pipe.


Compared with ordinary galvanized corrugated iron pipes, hot-dip pipes have a thicker layer of galvanized zinc, so they have better service life and anti-corrosion performance.

According to statistics, the service life of hot-dip galvanized steel pipes is 13 years in heavy industry, 50 years in the ocean environment, 30 years in the city.

They are used as street light poles, roofing corrugated iron, bolts, nuts, reinforcing steel for prefabricated houses, coastal works, drinking water pipes in residential areas.

  1. Distinguish black steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe

These two types of steel pipes have quite high durability, compared to the nature, there are still differences as follows.

Alloy steel Alloy steel, incorporating a zinc coating is plated during the manufacturing process.
Not galvanized Galvanized outside by electrolysis or hot dipping.
High hardness and bearing capacity But easy to corrode High strength, strong No corrosion due to the protection of the galvanized layer.
The cost of black steel pipes and fittings for black steel is relatively low. The cost of galvanized steel pipes and accessories used for galvanized pipes is more expensive than black steel pipes because of the additional galvanizing process in production.

Black steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe possess distinctly different properties.

In industrial construction, both types of steel pipes can be used in combination to create the same structure. However, the contractors never hooked them together.

  1. Production process of DN200 . galvanized steel pipe

Depending on the characteristics of each business, the production process of galvanized steel pipe is different. Basically, the production process of galvanized steel pipe includes the following stages:

  1. Standard

Strict observance of technical standards during production plays an important role in the creation of quality steel lines.

Ensure the requirements on size, mechanical properties, chemical properties, …. and other necessary conditions.

03 systems of technical standards applied in the production of galvanized steel pipes include:

  • Japanese technical standards system JIS G3444 and JIS G3466;
    US technical standard system ASTM A53/A53M-12;
    European system of technical standards BS EN 10255:2004 (BS 1387:1985)
  1. Does galvanized steel pipe rust?

With the protective effect of the durable galvanized layer, galvanized steel pipes can be said to be an effective anti-corrosion solution for construction works.

However, in fact, galvanized steel pipes can still rust under the influence of the external environment.

The wear and tear on the surface of galvanized steel material takes place quickly or slowly depending on the contact environment.

For example, galvanized pipes are used to conduct water.

Impurities present in water can wear away the zinc coating on steel pipes.

Over time, peeling causes heavy metal pollution to water sources.

Galvanized corrugated iron pipes used in gas pipelines for a long time may peel off and clog pipes.

According to the general assessment of engineers, galvanized steel pipe has good rust resistance, quite long life..

This is an extremely good material to create a solid construction.

Above is the most detailed information about galvanized steel pipe.

Tiger Steel is currently providing 2 full lines of galvanized steel pipes and hot-dip galvanized steel pipes.

Product specifications:   From DN 200 – DN 500 . 219 – 508

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The main products that Tiger Steel is providing:

Steel pipe

  • Imported Seamless steel pipe (directly)
    Imported large diameter steel pipe (directly)
  • Hoa Phat Steel Pipe, SeAH, 190… (agency)

Steel Tube

  • Steel Tube with zinc Hoa Phat, Nam Kim…
    Large, super-thick steel box (directly imported)

Pipe Fittings

  • Welding accessories A234 x SCH 20 /40/80 (directly imported)
    Welding accessories FKK Vietnam (distributor)
    Threaded fittings are made of materials: galvanized cast iron, alloy copper, stainless steel 201, 304, 316, high pressure steel…
    High pressure fittings ASME A105 class 3000 psi/ 6000 psi
    Steel and stainless steel flanges

Fire protection materials

  • Types of fire fighting equipment such as: fire extinguishers, fire balls…
    All kinds of materials and equipment for construction of firefighting systems such as: fire cabinets, angle valves, nozzles, water waiting throats, exit lights, automatic fire sprinklers, control centers, nozzles, hose reels , command signal, lights, speakers, fire alarms, emergency buttons… (full automatic fire fighting system).

Industrial valves

  • Cast iron valves, flanged stainless steel valves such as: gate valve (submersible, floating), ball valve, butterfly valve (handle, crank), globe valve, one-way valve (flip leaf, spring), Y filter , magnifier (pump), float valve, air release valve, safety valve, pressure relief valve…
    Threaded valves made of copper or stainless steel such as gate valves, ball valves, one-way valves, filters, pump baskets, air release valves, pressure relief valves, etc.

Water meter

  • Types of water flow meter brands Komax, Bao Tin, Sanpo…
    Hot water, hot steam flow meter


  • stainless steel pipes and Tube 201 and 304 .
    Decorative and industrial stainless steel
    Stainless steel pipe fittings of all kinds

Steel I, H
U-shaped steel
Angle Steel VU
Purlin C, roofing sheet metal.

Steel plate

  • Common types of plain steel plate, ribbed steel plate
    Cut the ciphertext, chop the bar as required

Types of auxiliary materials

  • Steel and stainless steel bolts
    Deck Floor Welding Nails
    sag Rod

Tiger Steel can provide enough materials for you to erect a new factory building, as well as the entire large and small pipeline system. With more than 10 years of experience, we are confident to provide you with guaranteed quality products at the best prices!

We accept import of large diameter steel pipes, cast steel pipes from China with extremely flexible payment policy, very fast import time (for products that are not available in Vietnam). Please contact us immediately to receive a quote.

Tiger Steel has a branch in Cambodia and official operation since 2018. Tiger Steel Cambodia Co.,Ltd

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