Brass thread Tee with External thread MIHA

Brass thread Tee with External thread MIHA

Brass thread Tee with External thread  MIHA External Thread Brass Thread Tee imported and distributed by Tiger Steel, We specialize in providing 3 brass external thread heads, external thread numbness.

External threaded brass tee, brass threaded fittings. Customers refer to product specifications, if necessary, they can contact us to advise and provide a quote

  • external threaded connection, threaded connection.
  • Standard thread BS 21 / ISO 7-1-2994
  • Working pressure Max. 16 bar
  • Working temperature Max. 120oC

In addition, Tiger Steel also distributes threaded accessories such as: reducing bush thread, Cross thread Siam, Coupling thread, 45 degree threaded elbow, galvanized thread cap, galvanized thread nipple and many other accessories.

Tiger Steel imports and distributes large-sized steel pipes from DN250 – DN800.

Including black and galvanized welded pipe.

Tiger Steel also processes steel pipes on request.

Producing large-sized steel pipes to order with pipe lengths up to 13m.

Tiger Steel can provide enough materials for you to erect a new factory building, as well as the entire large and small pipeline system.

We import all kinds of large diameter steel pipes, seamless steel pipes from China with extremely flexible payment policy.

import time is very fast (for products that are not available in Vietnam).

Please contact us immediately to receive a quote.

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