Couplings Siam Brand

Couplings Siam Thailand Brand

Tiger steel provides all kinds of Thai Thread Coupling with the best prices in Ho Chi Minh City. Customers can refer to more information about the types of threaded mantles as well as Siam accessories at the catalog of the website. Siam Accessories Thailand is a brand of pipe fittings that is highly appreciated for its quality. With modern production lines and strict product standards,

Măng sông Siam Thái Lan

Specifications of Siam Thailand Thread Coupling

The following is a table of specifications for Thai Thread Coupling, customers can refer to to better understand the product:

Please refer to the price list of Siam accessories at the price list of the website. Or contact Tiger steel at hotline +855968696789 to receive the most accurate quote on all kinds of mantles as well as Thread  accessories Siam:

  • Hotline: +84767.555.777
  • Email:
  • Website:

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