Crosses Siam Brand

Crosses Siam Thailand

Tiger steel distributes all kinds of Thai fitting. As a high-quality product, with diverse sizes, it is suitable for all projects of customers. Customers can refer to the catalog to understand all the product specifications as well as the production process of all kinds of Thailand fitting.


Thập ren Siam Thái Lan

Specifications of Siam Thread cross

Customers refer to the specifications in the following table and contact us for product advice if needed:

Thai Thread accessories production standards

Siam Thread accessories are manufactured to strict standards. As a result, the product is highly appreciated by customers. Customers refer to Siam fittings standards: ASTM, DIN … Tiger steel is a reputable company that distributes all kinds of Thai threaded fittings with the best prices in Ho Chi Minh City. Customers can contact us directly via hotline  +8559686967879  for advice and the best quote on accessories.

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