Flange DN80

Flange DN80 is one of the extremely important accessories to connect pipes together. On the market and in most construction projects, cast steel pipes and welded steel pipes are used for construction.

There are mainly two types of flanges used:

  • Carbon Steel Flange
  • Stainless Steel Flange (Inox)

To understand the specifications of Flange DN80 clearly, please read the short article below!

Flange DN80 and general flange specifications according to each standard

Specifications of flanges made according to JIS B2220

JIS 5K. flange standard specification


JIS 10K. flange standard specification


JIS 16K. flange standard specification


JIS 20K. flange standard specification


Specifications of flanges made according to DIN Standards 

DIN 2576 – PN6. flange standard specification


DIN 2576 – PN10. flange standard specification


DIN 2544 – PN16. flange standard specification


DIN 2544 – PN25. flange standard specification


DIN 2544 – PN40. flange standard specification

mat-bich-din-pn40Specifications for flanges made according to ANSI

Standard Specifications of 150. Series ANSI Flanges mat-bich-thep-ansi-150

Standard Specifications of the 300. Series ANSI Flanges

mat-bich-thep-ansi-300 ??? In addition to the 2 series  150 & 300  which are common goods, ANSI flanges also have other lines such as  400, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500.

You can see more in the table below (Documents are quoted from the standard).

ASME/ANSI B16.10/19.

Flange Standard Specification BS 4504 – EN 1092 

BS 4504 PN6. flange standard specification


Specifications of BS 4504 PN10. flange standard


Specifications of BS 4504 PN16. flange standard

mat-bich-thep-bs-pn16Specification of BS 4504 PN25. flange standardmat-bich-thep-bs-pn25

Specifications of standard flange BS 4504 PN40


Applications and Benefit

Applications of Flange DN80

Depending on the design, the Application and Benefit of the theme may be different.


  • The blind flanges are used to seal the end of the pipeline.
  • The internally threaded flange is mainly used to reduce the pipe size
  • Flanges with weld necks are mainly used for high-pressure equipment.

and many more uses.

Benefit While We Collaborate On A Project

In my opinion, if you would like to optimize the cost & profit of the construction, you should ask your expert before placing the order.

Because, maybe with a lot of tons information about this industry, A newbie will be confused.

No worries about that. You can ask suppliers, which co. operate can provide a catalog of Flanges.

By the way, our experts always support loyal customers with their experience. Absolutely Free.

Such as, We can replace Flange DN80 with another Standard with the same specifications.

Hopefully, the knowledge about Flange DN80 that  Tiger Steel provided above will be useful to you.

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