Hoa Phat Galvanized Steel Pipe distributed by Tiger Steel

Hoa Phat galvanized steel pipe Distributed by Tiger Steel, also known as galvanized steel pipe, used mainly in national construction projects, contributing to the construction of splendid construction projects and bringing to the projects of corporations. large such as Vinhome Group, FPT, sungroup, and other civil projects.
Hoa Phat Galvanized Steel Pipe is chosen by contractors for construction works because it has many outstanding advantages compared to other products on the market such as produced from a large corporation such as Hoa Phat Steel. High abrasion, good bearing capacity, not rust when facing a humid environment.

Hoa Phat galvanized steel pipe distributed by Tiger Steel

Tiger Steel chose Hoa Phat Steel as one of the Steel products for nationwide distribution, because Hoa Phat’s galvanized steel pipe production process is carefully processed through many stages. From the stage of steel treatment is washed and chemically to help steel from surrounding dirt, especially from oxidation of the surface of the product. After the next primitive process, the product dipped in zinc was melted at a temperature of 820 – 860 degrees F (this number is equivalent to 425-450 degrees C). There is a chemical reaction at this stage of hot zinc with steel to create a separate layer of mercury alloy surface.There are 3 layers divided into: inside: 75% zinc, in the middle: 25% steel , outer layer: 100% zinc. The excess zinc will be drained after the reaction and the galvanized steel pipe will be cooled by cold air or water.

The next process is that the galvanized steel pipe will contact O2, H2O, CO to form a very durable layer of zinc carbonate (ZnCO3). This is also the outer layer that protects steel by: creating a layer on top of the steel surface that minimizes contact between the oxygen gas or the outer zinc (Zn) layer acting as an anode. Zinc chemically reacts faster than iron and leaves electrons behind, which will receive these electrons and thereby reduce the steel’s reactivity in the process to minimize and slow corrosion. external impact
The outer coating of galvanized pipe helps slow down the corrosion process, but over a long period of use, the amount of zinc will be reduced over time, then the protection of the coating surface of zinc will be weakened by impacts from nature such as: acid rain, salt water, …
Learn about the galvanized steel pipe manufacturing process:
1. Clean the surface
+ Clean with water
+ Chemical cleaning
2. Galvanized
+ Can electrolytic plating
+ Can hot dip galvanizing
3. Check before storing.
+ Check the quality of finished products before storing
+ Storage
Uses of Hoa Phat galvanized steel pipe

Galvanized steel pipes are often used in many construction projects, used to structure steel beams, corrugated iron, bolts, screws, electrical cables, railings, elevators or for places with hardened steel pipes. Hot-dip galvanized steel core chicken gut that Hoa Phat Steel Pipe Company is distributing.
Contractors choose galvanized steel pipe products:

According to the researchers, galvanized or hot dipped zinc has a very high working life, over 40 years under normal conditions, and if exposed to agents such as sea salt or substances in the working environment. Other corrosive properties or harsh acid working conditions, stainless steel will be selected by many to suit the needs.
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