Hoa Phat galvanized square steel tube 13×26

Hoa Phat galvanized square steel tube 13×26

Advantages of Hoa Phat galvanized square steel tube

Because it is coated with zinc on the outside, the Hoa Phat galvanized square steel tube helps prevent the formation of rust without the need for a protective coating. Since then, the product has had good anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties, are many times more durable than conventional steel pipes, and thanks to modern galvanizing technology, the surface of white galvanized steel pipes is shiny and beautiful for the product. highly aesthetic.

How is the Hoa Phat galvanized square steel tube produced?

After being transported to the hot-dip galvanizing factory, the square steel tube will have its surface cleaned with water and a specialized solution. This cleaning step is very important because normally the steel still has a layer of dust after production. dirt and grease on the surface, so if hot-dip galvanized, it will reduce the adhesion between the galvanized layer and the square steel tube.

How to identify Hoa Phat galvanized steel

Currently, on the market, there are many fake and counterfeit Hoa Phat galvanized steel pipes. To help customers recognize the signs of genuine Hoa Phat galvanized steel pipe products when purchasing, avoid being confused or buying fake or poor-quality products. We would like to introduce the identification signs for Hoa Phat galvanized steel pipe products as follows:


Where can I buy Hoa Phat galvanized square steel tube in Ho Chi Minh?

To buy genuine Hoa Phat galvanized square steel tube at a good price with full quality certification, inspection, and the best warranty policy Please contact Tiger Steel Co., Ltd. We are a level 1 agent distributing Hoa Phat steel pipe products of all kinds. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, you will get the best price with quality products. There are many preferential policies when customers buy in large quantities.

+We have enough steel pipe products of all types to fully supply the project.

Factory products are provided with full-quality certificates according to regulations.

+ Support transportation fees for projects and works with large quantities.

Support retail deliveries as required by small projects.

Giá thép hộp vuông mạ kẽm Hòa Phát mới nhất

Purchasing process at Tiger steel

Customers contact the company to place orders.

Please call the hotline at Zalo.

Or send an email to the company.

Our staff will receive information, check the quantity with the warehouse quote prices, and finalize delivery times for customers.

Upon signing the contract, the customer deposits 50% of the order value (cash or bank transfer).

We will deliver the goods as requested and receive the remaining 50% of the money.

Tiger Steel Steel Co., Ltd., we sincerely thank you for trusting and purchasing products from the company recently. We wish you health, prosperity, and success.

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