Hot dipped galvanized bolt price updated in 2023

A hot-dipped galvanized bolt is a technology to protect the surface of bolts by coating a layer of zinc on the metal surface. This zinc layer is formed through the process of dipping bolts into a tank of molten zinc. This is the most popular and best anti-rust surface method today. In the galvanizing process, the metal is smelted into an alloy with the substrate. Therefore, the galvanized layer will not peel off like when using paint, creating a permanent protective layer for the substrate.

Learn the technology of hot-dip galvanizing bolts

Hot-dip galvanizing technology was first introduced in 1742 by the French chemist MELOUIN, during a presentation at the French Academy. Over time, along with the general development of the world, the hot-dip galvanizing industry has made constant strides in increasing the quality and aesthetics of products. This method has been widely applied in almost all sectors of the economy such as construction, mechanics, power transmission, transportation, paper mills, chemical plants, oil and gas rigs, etc.

In Vietnam, it was not until 1989 that hot-dip galvanizing technology started to be researched and put into production and was strongly promoted when constructing the North-South 500kV power transmission line to serve the cause of industrialization. modernize the country. Corresponding materials and zinc dipping technology were applied at the right time, meeting the requirements of anti-corrosion, improving the quality and life as well as safety of bolts and steel structures.

Subjects of application are mainly constructions with large steel structures such as oil and gas rigs, bridge girders, steel beams, high steel column structures, hydroelectric dam gate systems, sluice gates, ship hulls, and houses. steel.

Why choose hot-dipped galvanized bolts?

With outstanding advantages in terms of protective surface coating, hot-dip plating is showing useful values. Hot molten zinc dipping technology ensures the quality of structural steel bolt connection works in the period of industrialization and modernization of the country.

– Create a protective layer for metal structures in air, marine, and industrial gas…
– Restore worn parts: refresh the product surface when affected by environmental factors.
– Create a durable wear-resistant layer on new components.
– Create decorative layers on plastic, wood …
– The most common is to create a layer of zinc, and aluminum to resist corrosion in different conditions

Hot dipped galvanized bolt production process

Using a protective coating (also known as barrier protection) to isolate metal surfaces exposed to capacitive substances in the external environment is the oldest and most widely used method of corrosion protection. trail. The two most important properties of a barrier protection layer are adhesion to the base metal surface and the durability of the coating. Paint is a good example of barrier protection.
– The second function is active protection (cathodic protection), this function is available in hot-dip galvanizing protective coating.

Standard of production of hot-dip galvanized bolts

+The ISO, JIS, and DIN standards are based on the metric system and are closely related to the production of bolts and screws (Following ISO 261). Most engineering equipment is measured in standard metric units by the Society for Automation Engineering (SAE). These standards are common in most countries around the world, and it can be seen that this could become a global technical equipment standard. Twisted threads on bolts and screws can meet thread design standards for both fine and coarse threads.

+ Bolts, American standard screws, bolt manufacturers will comply with the proportional size of the screws. North American countries manufacture this system, known as the “Thread Unified Standard.” The calculation method will be “threads per inch” (TPI).
+ Bolts and screws comply with both units of measurement according to the British and American measurement standards, and because there is a clear contrast in the method of making screws. Fasteners are produced in coarse thread, which is the method of threading the screw – not the quality of the product. Coarse-threaded bolts are less susceptible to dulling, splitting, and jamming, while fine-threaded bolts are unlikely to loosen and are easily tapped and adjusted.

A reputable hot-dip galvanized bolt supplier in the market

With the current diversified development in the market, it is not easy to find out and buy quality, suitable and cheap hot-dip galvanized bolts. There are many ways to buy goods, such as online, or to agents and production facilities. If you are looking for a place to sell bolts and screws in large quantities and wonder about manufacturing and processing companies, hot-dip galvanized bolts, and cheap prices in Ho Chi Minh City, please come to  Tiger Steel with us.

– Tiger Steel Company is a supplier of hot-dip galvanized bolts with quality products that are always available and designed according to the needs of customers.

– Skilled staff and designers, with many years of experience, constantly research and manufacture cheap and high-quality bolts and screws.

– Own a production workshop with modern machinery and technology to promptly meet all the needs of our customers.

Hot dipped galvanized bolt price updated in 2023

Below is the price of  Hot Dipped Galvanized Bolts for reference based on the general level of the market. In which, 1 set of products will include body, ecu, and temple long.


– With M8x100 bolts, the price is about 2,100 VND/set
– With M10x100 bolts, the price is about 3,750 VND/set
– With M12x100 bolts, the price is about 5,250VND/set
– With M14x100 bolts, the price is about 6,300 VND/set
– With M16x100 bolts, the price is about 12,000 VND/set
– With M18x100 bolts, the price is about 12,900 VND/set
– With M20x100 bolts, the price is about 15,900 VND/set
– With M24x100 bolts, the price is about 18,000VND/set

As mentioned above, this is just a reference price, customers who need to choose to buy the above product or need more support about hot-dip galvanized bolt quotes can contact a specific supplier.
HOTLINE: Ms. Thanh Hang  0909 500 176
With outstanding properties, hot-dip galvanized bolts are widely used in many fields. For advice, further support on this material, or the need to consult the most detailed hot-dip galvanized bolt quote from Tiger Steel, customers can contact our consulting team today. Please.

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