Large black steel pipe D323 Hoa Phat

Large black steel pipe D323 Hoa Phat

D323 large size black steel pipe is often used to conduct water, waste, ordinary gas, used in fire protection, in addition, black steel pipe is also used in the household, bicycle, and other industries. automotive, oil and gas industry….
Large size black pipe is manufactured in accordance with ASTM A53. Factory products always come with a certificate of genuine manufacturing quality.
Black steel pipe or black steel pipe is a material used a lot in the construction industry today. Understanding the practical and important applications of the product, there are many companies producing these products in Vietnam today. Black pipe is rolled from hot rolled or cold rolled steel plate and has not been painted or dipped into the product, so it is called black steel pipe.

Is D323 Hoa Phat large black pipe good?

Hoa Phat is the largest steel pipe manufacturer in Vietnam with 3 main product lines: Steel pipes (including black steel pipes, hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes); Galvanized coil and hot-rolled, cold-rolled corrugated iron of all kinds, in which, steel pipe is the main product line, manufactured according to American, Japanese and British standards. Hoa Phat branded steel pipe products are always the first choice of consumers in the country and are used in many large projects such as National Assembly Building, Samsung Thai Nguyen project, Hanoi – Lao Cai highway. , …

Advantages of Hoa Phat large black steel pipe

+ Black steel pipe is a type of steel pipe that has not been coated with zinc or painted on the outside. Steel pipe has a black or blue-black color of iron oxide layer produced during hot rolling of billet. (Different from white steel produced during cold rolling of billet).

+ Black Steel Pipe with high hardness, good bearing capacity, less rust, less maintenance requirements and diverse sizes, so it is used in many different industries. At the same time, the price is lower than other types of steel pipes, so it will help contractors save construction costs

Application of large black steel pipe D323

Black steel pipe has ideal hardness, has very high application in fields such as construction, construction details requiring certainty (Construction steel pipe), pipelines (Gas pipe) high pressure, oil pipelines or sewage pipes, etc.)

Note: black steel pipes can be corroded by water and dissolve heavy metals. So to ensure safety, black steel pipes are not used to carry drinking water.

The advantage of this application is cost savings, taking advantage of the durability of black steel pipes and minimizing maintenance.

Distributor of high quality and reputable Hoa Phat D323 large black steel pipe

Tiger Steel Co., Ltd. is the official distributor of Hoa Phat Steel Pipe, Hoa Phat steel pipe products have been distributed by us throughout the provinces and cities across the country, key projects, industrial parks, factory, factory.

Black pipe steel is manufactured in accordance with ASTM A53. Factory products always come with a certificate of genuine manufacturing quality.

Purchase process at Tiger steel

Customers contact to order at the company

Please call Hotline – Zalo

Or send an email to the company

Our staff will receive information, check the quantity with the warehouse and quote, set the delivery time for the customer.

Make a contract, customers transfer a deposit of 50% of the order value (cash or bank transfer)

We will deliver the goods as requested and receive the remaining 50%.

Tiger Steel Co., Ltd. we sincerely thank you for your trust and purchase of the company in the past time. Wishing you and your partners health, prosperity and success.

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