Welded Steel Pipe DN650 ASTM Standard

Welded steel pipe DN650 is one of the steels widely used in life as well as industry. With each different type of construction and application, choosing the right welded steel pipe is also very important.

Welded steel pipe DN650  is widely used in many industries today, so customers are not only interested in the cost of the product, they are also interested in the process, advantages and application of the product..

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welded steel pipe DN650 production process

Steel is refined through a complex manufacturing process of welded steel pipes requiring high technique and technology, then the raw materials are cast into ingots. Then the billet continues to melt to form welded steel pipe products. welded steel pipe has a long cylinder, the size of welded steel pipe varies depending on the purpose of use.

–Welded steel pipe DN650  is manufactured on modern technological lines, according to ASTM A106, A53, X52, X42, A213-T91, A213-T22, A213-T23, A210-C,,, API-5L, GOST standards , JIS , DIN , ANSI , EN . With sizes from phi 10 to phi 610 (Ø10 -> Ø610). Standard steel pipe length 6m or 12m (imported steel pipe).

– In welded steel pipes, there are many types to adapt to diverse needs of users: alloy cast welded steel pipe, carbon cast welded steel pipe, straight welded steel pipe, spiral welded steel pipe, galvanized welded steel pipe , black welded steel pipe.


Production standard of welded steel pipe DN650

Production standard: ASTM-A53, API-5L, JIS

Origin: Vietnam, China, Thailand, Korea, Japan

Diameter: DN650 . welded steel pipe

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Outstanding advantages of DN650 . welded steel pipe

–The surface is shiny and smooth, achieving high aesthetics for galvanized welded steel pipes and hot-dip galvanized steel pipes.

– Welded steel pipe has high strength and is resistant to strong impacts thanks to its wide surface and solid structure

– The hollow structure, thin wall and relatively light weight but with very good stiffness, flexibility and ability to withstand impact.

– Corrosion resistance: Possessing an outer zinc coating for galvanized welded steel pipes to help prevent oxidation from the environment. Can be used in all weather conditions (For galvanized steel pipes and hot-dip galvanized pipes).

– Less warping during movement as well as during cutting.
– Able to withstand extreme weather conditions.
– The service life of welded steel pipes is very long, which means that it helps to increase the life of your construction. Using welded steel pipes in construction helps the project to reach a life of more than 50 years and possibly many more years.
– Less affected by temperature: Even though the ambient temperature is as high as that of the outdoors, it still does not affect the quality of the welded steel pipe for a long time because of the special structure integrated in the product.
– Easy installation: With the structure being hollow inside, the weight of the welded steel pipe is quite light. So it’s very easy to move and install. At the same time, the repair and installation work will also be easier.
Extremely good pressure resistance: For projects that require steel products with great pressure resistance, welded steel pipes are the ideal product to choose.
– The use of welded steel pipes for construction has significantly reduced the density, cost and construction time. While ensuring accuracy, disassembly and movement are easy.
– The cost of the welded steel pipe is suitable

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Applications of DN650 welded steel pipes of all kinds

Welded steel pipe DN650 is one of the steels widely used in life as well as industry. With each different type of construction and application, choosing the right welded steel pipe is also very important. Welded steel pipe is widely used in construction industry, electrical industry, chemical industry, shipbuilding industry, jetty, automobile, container frame, petroleum liquid transportation, transportation industry loads, boiler heat exchangers, gas transportation, petroleum and oil pipelines, construction and piling, wastewater treatment engineering…

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