Large diameter steel pipe

Large diameter steel pipes distributed and imported by Tiger Steel are often used in large construction projects such as high-rise buildings, factories of large corporations investing in Vietnam, oil and gas projects and cool … which includes SAWL steel pipes, with Tiger Steel for details as follows.

What is SAWL large diameter steel pipe?

Large steel pipes are used for steel sheet materials and welding materials to meet the requirements of product specifications. Using the 3-RollBending method to round the tube, welded by modern submerged arc welding (SAWL welding) will then be expanded into the finished tube. SAWL pipe diameter from 16 – 60 ”, thickness from 6.4 – 35mm, maximum length is 12.2m meeting API 5L International standard latest version.


lthough SAWL pipes have better quality than other steel pipes, but their prices are high, users often wonder and choose other pipes such as ERW which are cheaper.

Specifications of large diameter steel pipes

The following is the specifications of the major steel pipes. Customers can look through to choose the product that best suits their needs:

Steel grade: up to X70;
• Outer diameter: 16 – 60 ”;
• Thickness: 6.4 – 35 mm;
• Length: up to 12,200 mm;
• Technology: 3-Roll bending and submerged arc welding;
• Standard: API Spec 5L.

Large diameter steel pipe SAWL

Large diameter steel pipes are used in many fields such as: Supplying high pressure onshore / offshore pipes, supplying pipes suitable for sour service / offshore service, for LNG and LPG terminal projects, for refineries and petrochemicals and many other applications.

Other popular steel pipes such as:

  1. JIS G 3444 black welded steel pipe (32.3)
    Steel pipe standard ASTM A53 / A106 / API 5L (31.5)
    High pressure cast steel pipe in HCMC (26.8)
    Cast steel pipes at original price from direct importers (26.4)
    DN300 galvanized steel pipe ϕ323.8 x 6.35mm (24.9)
    Viet Duc black steel pipe (22.9)
    D114-D60-D49 Ultrasonic Steel Tube (22.2)
    DN250 ϕ273 x 6.35mm (21.4) galvanized steel pipe
    Threaded sleeve, galvanized thread, straight thread in China (6)
    Large I, H shaped steel, 12m long, bulk (5.2)

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