Module I-9301, control module

Module I-9301, control module

Module I-9301, control module distributed by Tiger Steel, We specialize in providing fire protection equipment and steel of all kinds, welding accessories, pipe fittings

Description: GST Module I-9301/I-9303

I-9301/I-9303 is an addressable module with a programmable I/O card. I-9301 type one NO/NC voltage-free contactor, I-9303 type 2 NO/NC voltage-free contactor.

Specifications: GST Module I-9301/I-9303

• Protection rating IP 30
• Approval LPCB
• Output control mode Relay NO/NC passive contacts
• Output capacity Passive:5A/24Vdc(3A/110Vac) ; Active: 24Vdc/1A
• Relay contact I-9300 One, I-9303 Two
• Operating voltage Loop 24Vdc (16~28Vdc); Supply voltage 24Vdc(16~28Vdc)
• Operating current loop Standby: 1mA ; Action: 5mA
• Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C @ 90% relative humidity
• Addressing Mode:Electronic programming with 1~242, occupying 1 addresses with I-9301, occupying 2 addresses with I-9303
• Application Indoor use
• Materials and color ABS / Ivory white
• Dimension 120mm x 80mm x 39mm

The product is one of the important equipment used in the fire fighting system.

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