Price and weight of H-beam 300

H-beam 300 is also known as H-beam 300, abbreviation H300. This type of steel is highly appreciated for its bearing capacity, hardness, and balance. Therefore, it is used in many different applications. However, not everyone understands this type of steel. That’s why many questions about H-beam 300’s specifications, thickness, and weight are raised in forums. I’d like you to please find the answer with Bao Tin Steel in today’s article.

What is H-beam 300? Technical specifications of H-beam 300

H-beam 300 is a type of steel with an H-shaped cross-section. It has approximately the same height and width and is equal to 300mm. H300 steel is composed of two main parts: the belly and the wings. This type of shaped steel is produced according to international standards, so it is suitable for many different projects.

Thép hình chữ H300
Source: Internet
  • H-beam 300 is mainly imported from China, Taiwan, Japan, America, Russia, Vietnam,…
  • Standards: GOST 380-88, JIS G3101, SB410, 3010, ATSM, DIN, ANSI, EN
  • Steel grades: ASTM A36, JIS G3101 SS400, Q345B, A572 Gr50, S355, S355JR S355JO, S275, S275JR, S275JO, S235, S235JR, S235JO…
Standard size (mm) Cross-sectional area (cm2) Weight (kg/m) Moment of inertia (cm4) Inertia radius (cm) Sectional bending resistance modulus (cm3)
HxB t1 t2 r A W Ix Iy ix iy Zx Zy
H300x300 10 15 18 119.8 94.0 20,400 6,75 13.1 7.5 1,36 450

H-beam 300 specifications

  • H-beam 300 has general specifications such as Name of steel: H300 , H300 steel, H300 shaped steel, H300 shaped iron, H300 iron…
  • Origin: USA, China, Taiwan, Japan, Russia,..
  • Dimensions: The length of the wing is 300mm, the width of the wing is 300mm, and the length of the steel bar is from 6m – 12m.
  • The specific weight of H-beam 300: 94 kg/m.
  • Steel grades: CT0, CT3, A36
  • Standards: S275JR, St37-2, ST52-3, GOST 380-88, JIS G3101, G3106… SB410, 3010, G4051, G3114-04, G3115, G3136, G3125, SS540, SS400, Q235, A570, …

>> Refer to the weight and H steel symbol to better understand this steel line!

How much does H-beam 300 cost? Is it expensive?

Thép H300
Source: Internet

Currently, iron and steel prices are volatile and so is the price of H-beam 300 shaped steel. This price may change due to factors such as: steel model (SS400, A36, CT3), steel thickness, steel length, origin,…  market situation, this price ranges from about 22,500 VND – 25,000 VND/kg.

Below is the price list of H-beam 300 steel for reference. This price may change from time to time. Therefore, to get the most accurate quote, call us via the hotline at 0932 059 176 for support.

Size Price (VND/kg) Price (VND/6m length)
300x300x10x15 22.500 12.690.000
300x300x12x17 23.000 13.820.000
300x300x14x19 23.500 14.950.000
300x300x15x20 24.000 15.400.000

Application of H-beam 300

As mentioned, with high hardness and bearing capacity, H-beam 300 steel is used in many projects. Some specific applications include:

  • Making columns, beams, trusses, and purlins in factory structures and high-rise buildings
  • Make stairs, railings, fences
  • Make tanks and tanks
  • Making frames for machines and equipment

Some reputable H-beam 300 brands

The Vietnamese steel market is extremely diverse; however, when talking about H-shaped steel, we cannot help but mention the following brands:

Posco steel

Posco Group is one of the world’s leading steel manufacturing corporations, with headquarters located in Korea. With modern technology and advanced machinery, the products here meet strict standards.

Thép hình Posco
Posco steel (Source: Internet)

Posco H-beam 300 is always among the most popular today. With a relatively standard size, the bare weight is not too negative compared to reality. Along with that is high bearing capacity. Therefore, Posco steel also has a higher price than many other brands.

An Khanh steel

When you buy this brand of steel, you will see the AKS symbol on the steel bar. The products here are highly appreciated for their appearance. Thanks to being produced domestically, the steel quality is very good—not rusty or yellow like imported Chinese products. This is also the reason why An Khanh Steel has been chosen a lot recently.

Where to buy H-beam 300 at a good price and quality?

There are many shaped steel distributors on the market. However, the quality of steel, brand of steel, and cost of materials will vary. If you don’t know where to buy the H-beam 300 for sure, please contact Bao Tin Steel immediately.

Bao Tin Steel Company Limited has been an importer and distributor of steel pipes for more than 10 years. By being a partner of major iron and steel brands such as Hoa Phat, Hoa Sen, Viet Duc, Posco, An Khanh, VinaOne, etc., Bao Tin Steel always ensures to bring genuine steel products at extremely competitive prices.

Key products at Bao Tin Steel include seamless steel pipes, black steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes, large-sized steel pipes, square steel tubes, shaped steel, etc., along with all kinds of accessories (flanges, elbows, tees, reducers, etc.), valves, water meters, and fire protection materials.

In addition, the staff at Bao Tin Steel is all professional and experienced. Customers will receive dedicated support anytime, anywhere. All issues will be handled quickly and reasonably. This is something not every unit has.

Bao Tin Steel hopes you have grasped the price and weight of the H-beam 300. From there, you can easily buy quality products that are suitable for your project. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the hotline at 0932 059 176 immediately!

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