Price list of cheap Seamless steel pipe Ø 90 seamless steel pipes

Seamless steel pipe Ø 90 is an indispensable product in the construction and manufacturing industries. Made from high-quality cast steel, the tube has an outer diameter of 90mm, creating sturdiness, durability, and outstanding durability. Let’s learn about this product and the price list of Ø 90 cast pipes through the article below.

Ống thép đúc phi 90
Seamless steel pipe Ø 90

Where can I buy Ø 90 seamless steel pipes?

Seamless steel pipes have many iron and carbon components, making them sturdy, heat-resistant, force-resistant, and pressure-resistant.

  • Steel pipe diameter: Ø 90, DN80.
  • Thickness: Ø90 and DN80 have a thickness of 2.1–7.0 mm.
  • Length: 6m, 12m.

Bao Tin Steel Company Limited is the largest direct supplier of steel pipes without intermediaries in Vietnam and Cambodia. There are cast steel pipes according to ASTM A53/A106 SCH40/SCH80 standards and high-quality galvanized steel pipes.

Characteristics of Ø 90 seamless steel

  • Ø 90 seamless steel pipe has a high carbon content, so it can withstand high pressure.
  • Ø90 seamless steel pipe products are imported mainly from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, etc.
  • Seamless steel pipe products have different thicknesses in different sizes, from SCH20 to SCH30, SCH40, SCH80, SCH120, and SCH160.
  • Different thicknesses are suitable for many different construction purposes.
  • Seamless steel pipes have nominal diameters from DN15 to DN800 and actual diameters from 21.3 to 812.8.
Ống thép đúc tại Bảo Tín
Seamless steel pipes at Bao Tin

Application of seamless steel pipes

  • Seamless steel pipes Ø 90 are used in fire protection system construction.
  • Installing petroleum pipes, water pipes, oil refineries, chemical plants, gas pipes, etc.
  • Ø 90 steel has high corrosion resistance, much better than regular welded steel pipes.
  • Anti-corrosion in tropical climate conditions in Vietnam.
  • Long product life, creating great economic value.

Advantages of Ø 90 seamless steel pipes according to SCH20, SCH40, and SCH80 standards

  • Steel pipes are produced by gutting and removing billets without welding. That’s why the quality is better than welded steel pipes and large steel pipes.
  • Ø 90 steel does not crack in high-temperature and high-pressure environments such as boilers and pressure cookers.
  • The tube body is thin but has great strength and is easy to install, disassemble, and reuse.
  • The longevity of seamless steel pipes is high; there is no warping or distortion during transportation or construction.

Price list of seamless steel pipes Ø 90 standard SCH20, SCH40, SCH80 2024

No Diameter O.D Thickness Length (m) Unit price (VND/Kg)
1 seamless pipe DN80 88.9 2.108 6m 22.500 ₫
2 seamless pip DN80 88.9 3.048 6m 22.500 ₫
3 seamless pip DN80 88.9 5.486 6m 22.500 ₫
4 seamless pip DN80 88.9 7.62 6m 22.500 ₫
5 seamless pip DN80 88.9 11.1 6m 22.500 ₫
6 seamless pip DN80 88.9 15.24 6m 22.500 ₫
7 seamless pip DN80 88.9 18.415 6m 22.500 ₫
8 seamless pip DN80 88.9 21.59 6m 22.500 ₫

ote: The price list is for reference only. Please contact Bao Tin Steel sales staff to get the most accurate quote.

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Buy Ø 90 seamless steel pipes in the West, Can Tho Does Bao Tin Steel Company deliver?

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So we always have a delivery support policy for all customers in provinces and cities across Vietnam.

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Chemical composition table of seamless pipe steel Ø 90

Thành phần hóa học và cơ tính ống thép đúc
Chemical composition and mechanical properties of seamless steel pipes

So we have learned together about Ø 90 seamless steel pipes. Bao Tin Steel hopes readers will have an objective view of the product as well as update the non-90 seamless steel pipe price list.

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