Price list of Seamless steel pipes in Ho Chi Minh City


Price list of Seamless steel pipes in Ho Chi Minh City

Price list of Seamless steel pipes in Ho Chi Minh City The price list of imported Seamless steel pipe in Ho Chi Minh City imported by Tiger Steel has cheap price and guaranteed quality. This is a direct importer, the standard steel pipe ASTM A106 GrB SCH40 SCH80… You can refer to the latest price list here.

What is Seamless steel pipe?

is a type of seamless steel pipe, without welding seams along the pipe body. There are 2 types: cold rolled pipe and hot rolled pipe

Seamless steel pipe is imported from China, Korea, Japan… and distributed in Vietnam by Company Tiger Steel. This is an importer and distributor of seamless steel pipes in Vietnam such as: ASTM standard cast steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, high pressure seamless steel pipe and many other types of steel pipe.

Products are widely used in hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems If you have any needs, please contact 093.127.2222

How many types of seamless steel pipes are there?

SCH10 . Seamless Steel Pipe

These types of pipes are normally very rarely produced and used, except for some special cases.

Because the wall thickness is quite thin, difficult to manufacture, and the pressure resistance is not high, it is not used much.

However, you can also refer to it to compare with other types.

ống thép đúc SCH10 ASTM A106 GRB

SCH20 . Seamless Steel Pipe

This type of pipe is usually manufactured from DN200 – DN800.

Pipes are used in low pressure piping systems.

Quy cách ống thép đúc SCH20 ASTM A106 GRB

SCH30 . Seamless Steel Pipe

Can be produced from DN15 – DN800, but only a few large size pipes are used a lot. Small sizes are rarely produced.

Quy cách ống thép đúc SCH30 ASTM A106 GRB

STD . Seamless Steel Pipe

Regarding the thickness of pipes manufactured according to STD standards, most of them are similar to those according to SCH40.

Starting from this level, pipes have been used for pipeline systems with high pressure, especially compressed air and petroleum, gas …

Quy cách ống thép đúc STD ASTM A106 GRB

SCH40 . Seamless Steel Pipe

This is the most commonly used standard steel pipe in Vietnam market.

Tiger Steel also imports a large quantity of two types of SCH40 and SCH80 at low prices to serve customers.

Below is a table of pipe diameter and thickness, please refer to it.

Quy cách ống thép đúc SCH40 ASTM A106 GRB

SCH60 . Seamless Steel Pipe

The sizes produced are from DN200 – DN600, with specific thicknesses as below.

Quy cách ống thép đúc SCH60 ASTM A106 GRB

XS . Seamless Steel Pipe

As with SCH80, the XS pipe thickness standard has many similarities.

Quy cách ống thép đúc XS ASTM A106 GRB

This is also the most commonly used pipe. To purchase, contact Tiger Steel to receive the best price list.

Quy cách ống thép đúc SCH80 ASTM A106 GRB

SCH 120 . Seamless steel pipe

Quy cách ống thép đúc SCH120 ASTM A106 GRB

SCH 160 . Seamless steel pipe

Quy cách ống thép đúc SCH160 ASTM A106 GRB

XXS Seamless Steel Pipe

Quy cách ống thép đúc XXS ASTM A106 GRB
The latest price list of Seamless steel pipe today

The price of seamless steel pipe in Vietnam depends 99% on the price from China. Currently, there is no factory in Vietnam that can produce seamless steel pipes, so the goods are mainly imported from China. In addition, some importers can also import from Korea and Japan, but the quantity is very limited.

Please refer to the price list below. For the most accurate price, do not hesitate to contact us immediately to receive a quote.

The latest price list of seamless steel pipes 2021

Where to buy the cheapest seamless steel pipe?


Currently in Vietnam there are some importers of seamless steel pipes, but because of greed, most importers place orders with very large negative tolerances. Therefore, when there is a need, you should find the right reputable importer to buy the right product with guaranteed quality.

Tiger Steel

As a direct importer of reputable cast steel pipes since 2012. Tiger  Steel upholds product quality, commits to thickness and weight, steel quality is always up to standard.

Tiger Steel has an extremely professional and flexible sales policy.

To buy products at Tiger Steel, please contact us via Zalo number 0931272222 or call center at 0932059176.

Tiger Steel

Although it is a newly established company, Tiger Steel’s orientation is to specialize in importing Seamless steel pipes and pipe fittings.

For information, please visit the website or contact 0767.555.777


Established in 2015 in a neighboring country,  Tiger  Steel Cambodia Co.,Ltd  has gained great trust from customers in Cambodia.

Do you have any needs for iron and steel, fire protection materials, scaffolding, seamless steel pipes, Hoa Phat – SeAH steel pipes, large steel  pipes… in Phnom Penh, please contact number +855 9 6869 6789 or +855977986789

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