Round bar, solid steel, round bar from Ø1 – Ø500

Round bar, solid steel, round bar from Ø1 – Ø500

Round steel, solid steel, (round bar) from Ø1 – Ø500 Tiger Steel specializes in supplying solid round steel from Ø1 to Ø500, cut to required specifications. Customers wishing to buy  round steel , square steel special contact us to buy good price.

Widely used in construction works thanks to its high hardness and durability, but the product has good resistance. This type has many different sizes, so depending on the purpose of use, customers can choose for themselves a reasonable round steel size.

Quality standards

The following is a table of Round bar steel quality standards that customers can refer to:

 1 Steel Marks Equivalent to Japanese steel according to JIS standard: G3101 – SS400
 2 Diameter  From Ø1 to Ø500
 3 Bar length 6m/piece or cut as required Long 8,6 m
 (1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m)  Longi > 6,0 m
 4 Bundles As required

Mechanical properties:

Widely used in mechanical fields or machine parts. Normally, Tiger Steel imports this steel from Japan, China or right in Vietnam. Customers can refer to the mechanical and mechanical properties of plain round steel from the following table:

Steel Marks Liquid Limit (N/mm2) Break limit
ø ≤ 16 ø > 16 Bending angle (0) Radius
bending pillow(R)
SS 400 245 min 235 min 400 ~ 510 20 min (ø ≤ 25) 180 R = 1,5 x ø
24 min (ø > 25)

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