Seamless steel pipe 60

Seamless steel pipes in general and Seamless steel pipe 60 in particular are pipes manufactured by the method of “Central casting” of hot metal – alloy.
Seamless Steel Pipe (SMLS) is formed by pulling a solid billet over a through rod to create a hollow shell in a process called rotational piercing. Since the manufacturing process does not present any welds, seamless steel pipes are said to be more durable and reliable.

Specifications of seamless steel pipe 60.

The spec sheet below is derived from ASME/ANSI B16.10/19. The indicators shown include:

  • Nominal Diameter: NPS (inches)
  • Outer Diameter: OD (mm)
  • Pipe Thickness: T(mm)
  • Know, and classify pipes
Seamless steel DN50 – 60.3 mm
– T –
– D –
Steel SCH stainless steel
Pipe Type SCH steel Carbon
2 60,325 5S 1,651 57,023
10S 2,768 54,787
STD 40 40S 3,911 52,501
XS 80 80S 5,537 49,25
160 8,737 42,849
XXS 11,07 38,176

Maybe some of you don’t know what STD, XS, and XXS are. Then these 3 symbols to distinguish the different weights of pipes:


  • Standard steel pipe – STD
  • Thick steel pipe – XS
  • Super thick steel pipe – XXS

The last two symbols are sometimes referred to as the extra-heavy tube (XH) and the extra-heavy pipe (XXH).

Application of seamless steel pipe DN50.

Seamless steel pipe 60 has the following main applications:

  • Underground water extraction
  • Sewage pipes
  • Fabrication of steel scaffolding
  • Boilers and condensers
  • High-pressure application
  • Chemical treatment
Some applications of seamless steel pipe 60.3 mm.

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