Seamless steel pipe D114

Seamless steel pipe D114 Hot products at Tiger steel here!

Can you believe it? we just imported 2 containers 2 weeks ago, but until today, there is not 1 piece left in stock.

Feeling curious, so today I decided to find out the reason.

The new one contacted a few customers to ask how. When I heard the answer, I was surprised too.

The customers said that: The project is by your side, At first, the selection of welded pipe 114 was calculated, but then recalculated, and the bearing capacity was insufficient. Should turn to choose Seamless pipe.

By the way, Tiger Steel also introduced you to know more about it.

First, find out the outstanding characteristics of Seamless steel pipe D114

Reality during testing shows:
Seamless steel pipe D114 has much better pressure resistance than welded 114 pipes. The reason lies in the weld of the welded steel pipe. When Tiger Steel tested the welded pipe, the result was that the pressure withstand was lower at the welding point than at other points of the steel pipe.
If you do not have much time to verify, test the product. It is possible to calculate through the formula for calculating the working pressure of the pipeline. Rest assured, the Tiger Steel formula mentioned below is completely accurate and is certified by many scientific societies around the world.

That’s Peter Barlow’s formula:

Pipeline working pressure
In there:
  • P a = maximum allowable pressure (psi)
  • S y = minimum yield stress (psi)
  • F d = design coefficient
  • F e = longitudinal weld coefficient – Table 841.115A of ASME B31.8-2012
  • F t = temperature reduction coefficient

Typical design coefficients Fd: (QCVN 01:2016/BCT)

  • Liquid pipeline: 0.72
  • Gas pipeline – type 1 zone 1: 0.8
  • Gas pipeline – type 1, zone 2: 0.72
  • Gas pipes – type 2: 0.60
  • Gas pipes – type 3: 0.50
  • Gas pipes – type 4: 0.40
The second point is the cost: If you consider the total cost from the time of purchase to the maintenance process later. It is definitely more profitable to buy Seamless steel pipes.
However, this point still depends a lot on the actual work.

Specifications of seamless steel pipe 114.

Nominal Diameter Standard thickness Outer Diameter
– D –
The thickness of the wall
– t –
Inner Diameter
– d –
inside area
(cm 2)
Trọng lượng ống
(kg / m)
Water weight
Inch mm
4 100 5S 114,3 2,108 110.084 95.179 5,817 9.518
10S 3,048 108.204 91,955 8.340 9.196
4,775 104,75 86.179 12.863 8.618
Std 40 6,020 102,26 82.130 16.033 8.213
XS 80 8,560 97,18 74.173 22.262 7.417
120 11,100 92,1 66,621 28.175 6.662
12,700 88,9 62.072 31.736 6.207
160 13,487 87.326 59.893 33.442 5.989
XXS 17,120 80.06 50.341 40,92 5.034
20,320 73,66 42.614 46,97 4.261
23,495 67,31 35.584 52.474 3.558
Due to 114 seamless steel pipe, there are no welds or joints, and are manufactured from solid round billet. Applicable to high pressure
applications such as Hydrocarbon Industry & Refineries, Oil and Gas exploration & drilling, oil and gas transportation, gas and hydraulic cylinders, bearings, boilers, etc.
If you also want to buy pipe114. Please contact Tiger Steel! You can rest assured that when you go to the warehouse to check the goods, you will pay only if you like.

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