Shin Yi gate valve

Shin Yi gate valve, handwheel gate valve, hand knob countersunk gate valve, high-quality Shin Yi cast iron valve imported by Tiger Steel.
Valves manufactured by Shin Yi include a  Gate valve with submersible and floating valves, valve cover (for gate valve with knob and valve), lever, and handwheel butterfly valve (including butterfly valve type). stainless steel disc and disc, spring check valve, flip leaf check valve, suction valve (also known as cast iron gabion, foot valve, bottom valve …), filter y valve (Y-valve, Y strainer), exhaust valve gas, float valve, pressure relief valve, pressure relief valve (also known as a safety valve), fire protection water supply pole, Y-angle valve (also known as 2-way fire hydrant), fire angle valve, gate valve Specialized for fire protection, electric signal gate valve, signal butterfly valve, fire protection water pole on the ground, flange rubber flexible joint…


Van Shin Yi Joint Stock Company, established in 2005, is one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing valves for water supply and drainage, and fire protection.
Product name: Gate valve

Van cổng ty chìm tay núm Shin Yi (Đài Loan)

RV – Gate valve is a rubber Seated Gate valve with fixed nuts on the wedge. The Valve is light operating, has no clogging and no corrosion, has good resilient memory & long life service.


Advanced design, less force & easy for maintenance.

• Body & Cover are made of high-grade Ductile iron, less weight 20% – 30% than CI valves.
• Flat body design to avoid clogging. Wedge covered by high–grade rubber which satisfies for drinking water system.
• Both inside & outside are coated with epoxy resin powder.
• Manufacturing standard meets ISO 7259 – 1998.
• Dimensions between two standard flanges – F/F (Face to Face) meets the following standard:
GB1221-1989;ISO5752-1982, Table1, Series3; BS5163-1986.
• Flange design meets the following standard:
Field of application – Field Services:
Valves are applied in water supply and drainage industries, HVAC systems, fire protection systems, etc.
Suitable for water supply. Drainage & water circulation. Heat & cooling system Including, Air-Conditioning. Fire-fighting & Irrigation System

Technical Data:

Size range: DN50 – DN600 mm

  • Pressure rating: 10, 16, 20, 25 Kgf/cm2
  •  Working Temp: -10 ~ 80C
  •  Flow Media: Working environment – Flow Media: Water, wastewater
  •  Flange standard: PN10 / PN16 / PN20 / JIS 10K / ANSI 150-LB

Detailed technical drawings: (contact for a clearer pdf file)

thông số kỹ thuật van cổng ty chìm tay núm Shin Yi (Đài Loan)


thông số kỹ thuật van công lá van bọc cao su

thông số kỹ thuật van cổng ty chìm tay núm Shin Yi (Đài Loan) - Thép Bảo Tín

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