Shin Yi-Rising stem gate valve

Shin Yi-Rising stem gate valve is a cast iron valve commonly used in industrial pipeline systems, mainly for flowing liquids. These valves should not be used to regulate flow unless they are specifically designed for that purpose. Gate valves open and close by lifting and lowering the valve leaf out of the fluid path.


Product Code
Size Range
DN50 – DN1200
Design Standard
BS 5163-1
BS EN 1074-1
Face To Face Standard
ASME B16.10
Standard Flange/Connection BS EN 1092-2|ISO 7005-2: PN10/16/20/25
JIS B2220: JIS 10K/16K/20K
ASME B16.42: ANSI 150LB

Structure and working principle of gate valve:

–The valve connects to the pipeline with flanges at both ends, or shackles for HDPE pipes. Valves and pipes with bolts. Gaskets are inserted between the two flanges of the valve and the pipe so that the connection has a high degree of tightness. The valve body is cast from FCD450 Cast Iron, coated on both sides with Epoxy paint with a thickness of > = 300 mm.

– In the valve cover at the top, there is a space to store the valve leaf when opened, the bolt holes are submerged into the body and poured with glue or candle wax to prevent dust, water, and moist air from jamming and rusting the bolt.
– The valve leaf is wedge-shaped, made of Bridge cast iron, and the outside is covered with a layer of EPDM Rubber that is safe with clean water.
– The valve leaf is fixed to one end of the valve stem by a pin (pin), the upper end of the valve stem is connected to the handwheel by a threaded hole, and above the valve cap the position of the valve stem has a sealing cap. This cap has a sealing function to prevent material from leaking out. When operating the handwheel, the valve stem will move up and down to open or close the valve. So we call it the Rising Stem Gate Valve. When observing the position of the valve stem, we can tell whether the valve is in the open or closed position because when the valve is in the open state, the valve stems protrudes straight up from the handwheel.

nguyên lý hoạt động của van cổng ty nổi Shin Yi

Advantages of gate valve:

Modern design, easy to disassemble, easy to maintain
The valve body is designed to avoid jamming
The valve is covered with an epoxy layer to avoid corrosion from the outside environment
The valve leaf is covered with high-grade rubber that meets the safety standards for drinking water.

Structural drawing of Shin Yi rising stem gate valve
Cấu tạo van cổng ty nổi Shin Yi

You can download the catalog of all kinds of Shin Yi Rising stem gate valves, and Shin Yi sink gate valves here: Shin Yi Non-rising gate valve catalog

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