Square steel tube 20×100

A square steel tube 20×100 mm is a type of square steel tube with quite special specifications. This specification is not mass-produced in most factories in Vietnam.

Only when you order a large enough quantity will the factory allow production.

Learn more about this line of square steel products through the short article below from Tiger Steel!

Square steel tube 20×100

Technical specifications of square steel tube 20×100

At Tiger Steel, we provide square steel tubes 20×100 with the following thicknesses:

  • 20x100x1.5mm
  • 20x100x1.6mm
  • 20x100x1.8mm
  • 20x100x2.0mm

The product is manufactured at the factory of the 190 Joint Stock Company. From steel grades SPHC and SS400.

The square steel tube 20×100 provided by Tiger Steel meets JIS G3131 standards.

Policies and after-sales service from Tiger Steel

After-sales policy: delivery when purchasing at Tiger Steel
Tiger Steel Company Limited specializes in manufacturing, importing, and distributing first-class iron and steel from many famous brands in the market, such as Hoa Phat, SeAH, An Khanh,…
  • Products are sold at standard levels with clear labels.
  • Full specifications and suitable weight for every project.
  • There are warehouses in central locations, supporting delivery to the construction site.
  • The price may be discounted depending on the order quantity.
  • Professional processing of applications: full VAT invoice
  • Provide enough CO, CQ, and CNXX documents.
  • Customers who purchase products at Tiger Steel have the right to come to the warehouse to view and inspect the product before
  • making a deposit.

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