Stainless steel Reduce Tee inox 304, 316

Stainless steel reduce tee  inox 304, 316 Distributed by Tiger steel, we specialize in supplying tee welding Tee inox, Tee inox, stainless steel fitting inox all kinds.

Stainless steel pipes and stainless steel fitting (accessories) are used in clean water, chemicals, food (edible oil, fish sauce…), beer, wine, gas, petrol…

Stainless steel (also known as Inox) has the following characteristics: no rust, high hardness and durability, bright gloss, so it is also used for indoor interior decoration (decorative stainless steel) such as railings. stairs…

Tê giảm hàn inox 304 316

Quotation for reduced tee welding

Tiger steel provides welding reducers with various sizes. Customers see the specifications of soldering irons according to each brand in the catalog we provide.

However, the price lists are for reference only, as rates may fluctuate over time. Customers who need a discount price quote contact us at:

Hotline +84932059176 to receive the most accurate product price list.

Tiger steel  imports and distributes large-sized steel pipes from DN250 – DN800.
Including black and galvanized welded pipe.
Tiger steel also accepts processing of steel pipe blocks on request.
Producing large-sized steel pipes to order with pipe lengths up to 13m.

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