Stainless steel Screw Coupling inox

Stainless steel Screw Coupling inox

Stainless steel Coupling inox 304 with thickness sch10, sch20, sch40 … Products are used in many fields such as: wastewater treatment systems, supplying domestic water for buildings or constructions, microbial pipeline systems. … Tiger steel provide all kinds Coupling materials from many different brands. Customers interested in different types of bamboo shoots can refer to the website’s catalog.

măng sông ren inox

size specification Screw Coupling

kích thước măng sông ren inox

quy cách măng sông ren inox

Customers want to buy Screw Coupling  or accessories, Fittings inox Contact TigerSteel via hotline  0767.555.777 to get the best price quote for all kinds of bamboo shoots. Customers in Ho Chi Minh City can go directly to Tigersteel’s warehouse to buy products as quickly as possible:

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  • Address: 551/156 Le Van Khuong, District 12

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