Standard Galvanized Steel Pipe BS

Standard Galvanized Steel Pipe BS

Brands galvanized steel pipe Commonly used in the market

  • Hoa Phat galvanized steel pipe
    Vinapipe galvanized steel pipe
    Viet Duc galvanized steel pipe
    SeAH . Galvanized Steel Pipe

Customers can refer to more details about galvanized steel pipes in the catalog attached on the menu list of the website. Tigersteel will update the catalog and price list regularly so that customers can grasp the fastest information.

ống thép mạ kẽm tiêu chuẩn BS

pecifications of BS . galvanized steel pipe

BS standard galvanized steel pipe is divided into 4 levels: Super light – A1, light – Light, medium – Medium, heavy – Heavy. Each grade of galvanized steel pipe will have the following dimensions:

  • Nominal Diameter: DN10
    Nominal Diameter: DN15
    Nominal Diameter: DN20
    Nominal Diameter: DN25
    Nominal Diameter: DN32
    Nominal Diameter: DN40
    Nominal Diameter: DN50
    Nominal Diameter: DN65
    Nominal Diameter: DN80
    Nominal Diameter: DN100

quy cách ống thép mạ kẽm tiêu chuẩn BS

Distribution of BS standard steel pipes in Ho Chi Minh City

Tiger​steel is a reputable importer and distributor of steel pipes in Ho Chi Minh City. We deal in high quality galvanized steel pipes with original prices imported from factories. Customers can contact hotline 0767.555.777 to receive quotes and detailed information about the types of steel pipes that customers are in need of.

phân phối ống thép mạ kẽm tại tphcm

We are always ready to support and provide information so that customers can buy the most suitable products. Contact us at:

  • Hotline: 0767.555.777
  • Email:
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  • Address: 551/156 Le Van Khuong, District 12

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