Swing check valve inox

Swing check valve inox

With stainless steel material, stainless steel flip leaf check valve has high durability in chemical or wet environments. Species Valve inox This is widely used in the fields of domestic water supply, microbiological technology and even the medical field.

Van một chiều lá lật inox

Mechanism of action of Swing check valve inox

Valve for one-way flow of liquid. The force of the liquid, gas and steam is pushed to the inner disc of the valve, which helps the valve to open in one direction and close in the opposite direction to prevent water from flowing in the opposite direction. The flap check valve is better than the spring check valve because it does not require high flow pressure, but still allows the flow to pass.

Products have various sizes from DN15 to DN80, so they are suitable for the needs of customers. Customers wishing to buy one-way valves or other valves can refer to more products on the website and contact us at hotline 0767.555.777 to receive a quote on the product.

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