TL-9301 . threaded cast iron globe valve

TL-9301 . threaded cast iron globe valve named for its shape – spherical with the two halves of the valve body separated by a flow control device (baffle) inside the valve body.


Valves are composed of handwheel, valve shaft, sealing gasket, valve cap, valve body, valve disc, flow direction.

The design of the globe valve is to operate by applying force to the handwheel, which rotates 360 degrees and the valve has to rotate a few turns to be able to close or open the valve’s full stroke.
With such a design of the globe valve, it is possible to open and close the flow slowly and proportionally.
Because when the system is in use at high pressure, the sudden opening and closing of the valve can lead to pressure shock.
Affects valve internal equipment or front mounted devices.
When installing the valve, pay attention to install it in the direction of in and out according to the arrow on the valve, so that the valve can work.



–The slow opening and closing time of the valve is designed to ensure the safety of the system.

The valve has a solid connection, without worrying about leakage.
The valve body is made of cast iron, so it is resistant to certain corrosion, sturdy and has a long service life.

– The valve knob is sturdy, solid, has an anti-slip roughness, and is easy to handle and impact.


Globe Valve is used for regulating,  closing, shutting off the flow in a pipeline or can be used to regulate the flow of hot fluids..
Cast iron globe valves are used to control or prevent the flow of liquid or gas through a pipeline.


So globe valves are often used in systems such as: Steam, hot oil, hot water,
Features: Use in applications where constant fluid flow is not required.
Used as a flow regulating valve.
Application Materials: Water, steam, gas, oil.
Application Usage:
  • Cooling water system.
    Fuel oil system.
    Chemical or water supply system.
    boiler and steam.
    Turbine lubricating oil system.

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