Z​-Purlin, also known as Z-arms, are the horizontal beams that form the roof and wall connections of a steel structure. The name comes from the shape that resembles the letter Z. The shape of the Z arm helps to overlap the joints, making it more durable than the C arm.


Advantages of Z​-Purlin

Do you wonder why purlin has 2 designs?
Although the name is purlin, their applications are not the same.
  • The C-channels are used to shape structural steel walls with floor joiners. While Z-purlin is used to shape the roof and wall connecting rods of steel structures. Z purlin has an angle of fewer than 90 degrees. Therefore, Z purlin is more flexible than C-channel and can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • Z purlin can be stacked, while C-channel cannot. Therefore, in steel structure works with longer span design, it is better to use Z purlin.
    If the roof slope is small, the difference between the bending moment of purlin Z is larger than that of purlin C. But if the slope of the roof is increased, the bending moment of purlin Z will also increase symmetrically in the straight direction. stand. Therefore, Z purlins are more suitable for roofs with steep slopes.
  • The Z purlin is usually located between the roofing sheets for support while the C purlin is used to support the beams needed for the floor.
  • Another point is that the Z purlin can be stacked, so its bearing capacity is quite large. Very suitable for use on projects with roofs requiring large bearing capacity.

Specifications of the Z​-Purlin

For details, please see the table below.

Technical data sheet of purlin Z – Source: Nhat Quang steel
Technical data sheet of purlin Z – Source: Nhat Quang steel

Some works using Z-purlin

The arm beams with the main function is to support the roof panels. Support and transmit the weight of the roof to the mainframes, while providing stability to the mainframes.
The Z purlin is mainly used in constructions such as:
  • Roof installation for the warehouse.
  • Construction of factory projects.
  • Install roofs for gymnasiums.
  • Construction of field hospitals.
  • Used for roofs of large supermarkets.
  • Install solar panels.
  • Construction of pre-engineered steel buildings.

And many more applications. Please see some more pictures below.

Application of Z purlin
Application of Z purlin

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