304 . stainless steel hose

304 . stainless steel hose


Tiger steel importer and distributor  Stainless steel 304 hose.

– Flexible pipe is a product stainless steel pipe used in environments with high corrosiveness and high temperature.

– Used in wastewater treatment systems, chemicals, boilers, oil and gas, shipbuilding, hydroelectricity, thermal power, construction works, factories, steel sheet factories, etc.

Features and structure of 304 . stainless steel flexible hose

–The body of the product is 304 stainless steel, the outside is covered by flat knitting metal threads.

– The connection part uses a flange welded to the coupling body.

The detailed structure of 304 flexible hose includes:

  • Core part: SUS 304.
    Shell: Made of 304 stainless steel mesh.
    Connectors with a variety of types such as:
    Flanges (JIS, DIN, ANSI,…).
    Threaded end (NPT, PT, BSPP,…).
    Pipe ends (CLAMP, standby,…).

–Stainless steel flexible hose  has excellent elasticity, durability, wear resistance, heat resistance and oxidation resistance.

Moreover, the product also helps to reduce vibrations, protect pipes, have a long life and adapt to all weather.

Advantages 304 . stainless steel flexible hose

–Meets most pipe sizes (more than 18 sizes from 1/4″ and up).

– Meet most connection types (more than 10 common connection types).

– Meets most media, mounting position (see details below).

Work well in extreme conditions (temperature, pressure).

– Ultra-wide working temperature range:  -80/+427 °C.

Wide working pressure range: 0 up to 195 bar (size 1/4″).

Flexible bending ability: Min 28mm  (size 1/4″).

Specifications of 304 . stainless steel flexible hose

  • Standard lengths: 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm  (the length is not limited because we can process it according to your requirements).
    Heat resistant condition: Has high heat resistance.
    Working environment: water, LPG, hot steam, etc.

Application of 304 . stainless steel flexible hose

– 304 stainless steel anti-vibration flexible hose is often used in fluid transmission, temperature and highly corrosive environments such as:

  • Waste water and chemical treatment systems.
    Pressure boiler.
    Industrial pipelines in factories, steel sheet factories.
    Make fire protection pipes.
    Electric power.
    Petroleum, chemical.

We are committed to the quality of 304 . stainless steel pipes

  • 100% imported stainless steel pipe: AISI 321(standard), AISI 316L.
    100% tested before shipment (pneumatic or hydraulic).

In addition, our Tiger Steel Company also distributes SeAH galvanized steel pipes, galvanized  steel square, black steel pipes, black steel square , large steel pipes, stainless steel square, H-U-V-I shaped steels, Firefighting materials. , …..

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