Hot dipped galvanized steel V

Tiger steel distributing all kinds of V-shaped steel, especially  hot-dip galvanized V-steel. Customers contact Tiger steel to receive the latest updated hot-dip galvanized steel price list 2020.

Latest updated hot-dip galvanized V steel quotation 2020

Tiger steel regularly updates the price list in the website directory. Customers can see the latest updated steel price list in 2020 at the website or call the hotline +84767.555.777 for advice and receive a quote as quickly as possible.

báo giá thép v mạ kẽm nhúng nóng

Specifications of galvanized steel V

Please refer to some hot dipped steel sizes below.Tiger steel is always ready to advise customers to have accurate information to buy the most suitable product.

quy cách thép v mạ kẽm nhúng nóng

Distribution of hot-dip V steel in Ho Chi Minh City

Tiger steel is a reputable address specializing in trading all kinds of V-shaped steel, especially galvanized V steel. We always put prestige on top, so customers when cooperating with us can be assured of the quality of goods as well as the distribution price in the market. Besides the distribution of v-shaped steel, we also have other types of steel such as: U-shaped steel, C-shaped steel, I-shaped steel, Steel shape H, purlin c, purlin z….

quy cách thép v mạ kẽm nhúng nóng tại tphcm

Customers who have demand for all kinds of steel products as well as steel pipe fittings can contact Tiger steel at the following address:

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