Square steel tube120×120 Hoa Phat

Square steel tube120×120 Hoa Phat

Square steel tube 120×120 Hoa phat is widely used in industrial and civil construction. There are two types of Hoa Phat 120×120 square steel tube products on the market: galvanized steel square and black square steel tube. With each different thickness, the price of the product will have a certain difference. All iron and steel products that Tiger Steel supplies and distributes to customers have clear origins as well as CO/CQ certificates from the manufacturer.

Hoa Phat 120×120 square steel tube has steel grades such as CT3, JIS (SS400, SM490, SS490), EN BS (S235, S275, S355), and GB (Q195, Q235, Q345), which are produced domestically by domestic corporations. large groups such as Viet Duc, Hoa Phat, Hoa Sen, etc., or imported from China, Russia, Japan, or Korea. All meet quality standards such as ATSM, GOST, BS, GB, JIS, EN, DIN, etc.


Specifications of square steel tube  120×120 Hoa Phat

  • According to standards: ASTM, JIS, EN, GOST…
  • Steel Grade: SS400, A36, AH36 / DH36 / EH36, A572 Gr.50-Gr.70, A500 Gr.B-Gr.C, STKR400, STKR490, S235-S235JR-S235JO, S275-S275JO-S275JR, S355-S355JO -S355JR-S355J2H, Q345-Q345A-Q345B-Q345C-Q345D, Q235-Q235A-Q235B-Q235C-Q235D…
  • There are full papers: Invoice, Certificate of CO-CQ of the manufacturer.
  • 100% new and unused, smooth surface, no pitting, no clay.
  • Applications of  120×120 Hoa Phat  steel: square Used in the oil and gas industry, building structures,
  • factories, processing, machine building, mechanical engineering and many other applications…

Specifications of square steel tube 120×120 Hoa Phat:

Square steel tube 120×120 Hoa Phat has a thickness of 3mm – 12mm.


Steel specifications (a x a x t) Weight Total weight
(mm) (Kg/m) (Kg/piece 6m)
Square steel tube 120x120x1.8 6.70 40.20
Square steel tube 120x120x2.0 7.44 44.64
Square steel tube 120x120x2.5 9.27 55.62
Square steel tube 120x120x2.8 10.36 62.16
Square steel tube 120x120x3.0 11.08 66.48
Square steel tube 120x120x3.5 12.89 77.34
Square steel tube 120x120x4.0 14.57 87.42
Square steel tube 120x120x5.0 18.06 108.36
Square steel tube 120x120x6.0 21.48 128.88
Square steel tube 120x120x8.0 28.13 168.78
Square steel tube 120x120x10.0 34.54 207.24


Distributor of genuine Hoa Phat 120×120 square steel tube

Tiger Steel Co., Ltd. is known as a company specializing in supplying and distributing Hoa Phat steel in general and iron and steel in particular. Products at Tiger Steel are always appreciated for their quality and design. and especially the reasonable price. With more than 10 years of experience as a supplier of Hoa Phat steel pipes and materials, Tiger Steel always tries to find reputable and quality sources in many countries around the world. The purpose of the world is to bring customers the best quality products and create trust for customers with Tiger Steel.



Why should you choose Tiger Steel as a material supplier for your project?

+Hoa Phat steel pipe provided by our company is 100% new, not defective, old, or rusty.

+Products have full origin documents and the manufacturer’s CO/CQ certificate.

+The company covers exchanges and refunds for defective or unqualified goods.

+The price includes VAT.

+The company always takes customer satisfaction as a development goal, always listens to your suggestions, respects you, and is ready to cooperate with you to develop together.

+We have a team of staff who are always enthusiastic, honest, and willing to quote the right price and product origin.

competitive price, fast delivery, and a schedule of work.

+Always listen and understand to satisfy customers.

Customers buying at Tiger Steel will enjoy the following incentives:

+ Free shipping within the city

There are many preferential policies for loyal customers and high discounts for large orders.

+ Discount for each specific order

flexible and convenient payment for customers.

+In particular, we also accept cutting steel pipes according to customer requirements, according to many different specifications and standards, according to customer needs, in large quantities.

In addition to Hoa Phat steel pipe products, Tiger Steel also provides the following materials:

–Steel pipes SeAh, Nam Kim, Viet Duc, Vina…

– Galvanized steel coil

– Hot-dip galvanized section steel

– Seamless steel pipe

Purchase process at Tiger steel

  • Customers contact the company to place an order.
  • Please call the hotline at Zalo.
  • Or send an email to the company. Our staff will receive information, check the quantity with the warehouse,
  • quote, and finalize the delivery time for the customer.
  • Make a contract, and customers transfer 50% of the order value (cash or bank transfer).
  • We will deliver the goods as requested and receive the remaining 50%. Tiger Steel Co., Ltd. We sincerely thank you for your trust in and purchase of the company in the past. I wish you health, prosperity, and success.

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