Binh Hung wastewater treatment plant project

What materials did Bao Tin Steel provide to Binh Hung wastewater treatment plant?

Binh Hung wastewater treatment plant is developed by Ho Chi Minh City Urban Drainage Company. Bao Tin Steel has been chosen as the main supplier of large-sized galvanized steel pipes, large-sized steels for construction of piping systems and wastewater treatment systems.

wastewater treatment systems

What does Bao Tin Steel provide?

Bao Tin Steel Co., Ltd specializes in providing:
– API 5L / ASTM A106 GrB imported steel pipe with all common thicknesses.
– Large-sized steel pipes from DN250 to DN800 including black and galvanized goods, with standard thicknesses.
– Black and galvanized steel pipes of Hoa Phat, SeAH, Maruichi Sunsteel, Viet Duc …
– Manufacturing steel pipes for manufacturing mechanics with required length.
– Black and zinc boxes of all kinds, big sized steel boxes.
– U-I-V-H shaped steel of all kinds (very competitive price).
– Full-sized steel plates, steel sheets cut to the required size, making code sheets, bars, etc.
– Fire prevention and fighting materials like:

Fire extinguishers, fire extinguishers, angle valves, water posts, fire hydrants, sprinklers
Fire alarm center, siren, fire alarm, emergency button, smoke detector, heat detector …

– Pipe fittings such as: galvanized thread fittings, FKK welding fittings, Jinil Bend, brass thread fittings …
– Cast iron valves, copper valves, stainless steel valves such as gate valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, one-way valves, ball valves, strainers, magnifiers, etc.
– Flange imported and processed in Vietnam, original price, high quality.
And all kinds of supplies and accessories for the steel pipe system.

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