Checker plate

Checker steel plate is the best-selling product in 2020 in steel plate products. Customers wishing to buy products should contact Tiger Steel to receive catalogs as well as detailed product quotes.

Checker plate

Checker plate is a type of steel plate with a rough surface with anti-slip ability used in many fields such as: the surface of stairs, used for shipbuilding, in the construction industry, making truck floors … Tigersteel is one of the A reputable address specializing in distributing high-quality ribbed steel plates at reasonable prices. We can cut, press and process steel sheet according to customer’s requirements and specifications.

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Specification of checker steel plate

Customers refer to the table of regulations steel plate  checker plate with the following sizes, if necessary, you can contact us for more detailed advice on products:


Distribution of Checker steel plates in Ho Chi Minh City

Tiger steel A reputable address specializing in importing and distributing all kinds of Checker steel plates  with many different thicknesses. Customers who are wishing to buy or learn about ribbed steel plates can contact us via hotline +84767.555.777 to receive the latest updated catalog and price list in 2020.

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Please contact us at the following address for detailed advice on products:

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