Steel sheets

Steel sheet or steel plate is a product widely used in construction projects. There are two main types of sheet steel on the market: hot rolled steel plate and cold rolled steel plate. Customers contact to Tiger steel for more detailed advice on steel plates as well as to receive the latest updated price list catalog on steel types.

Characteristics of hot rolled steel plate and cold rolled steel plate

Hot rolled steel plate and cold rolled steel plate will have different physical and chemical properties, so they will be used in different fields. Let’s find out the common and different characteristics of these two types of steel plate with Tiger Steel:

  • Hot rolled steel plate: Formed at a high temperature above 1000 degrees Celsius, the product is black, easy to rust in a humid environment or for a long time. Hot rolled steel plate is used a lot in construction works that do not require too high aesthetics. In addition, the product is also used in the shipbuilding industry, car floor lining and stairs.
  • Steel plate cold rolling: The product is formed after hot rolling by reducing the thickness of the product with a lower temperature. This makes the steel structure stronger. Cold rolled steel plate will be more expensive than hot rolled steel plate because the production process consumes more stages. Cold rolled steel is widely used in industry, rails, and the production of all kinds of section steel…

thép tấm cán nóng và thép tấm cán nguội

Specifications of steel sheet SS400 CT3C 08KP Q345B

Please refer to the table below for the types of steel plates. If necessary, you can contact Tiger steel at hotline   +84767.555.777  to receive the latest updated catalog and price list in 2020.



Distribution of sheet steel in Ho Chi Minh City

Tiger steel lA company specializing in distributing all kinds of steel plates with the best prices in Ho Chi Minh City. Customers can view the catalog and price list of the latest updated steel plates in 2020 at the company’s website. We regularly update the catalogs and price lists of all kinds of products on the website so that customers can get the most accurate information about the products.

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Customers in Ho Chi Minh City can directly visit Tiger Steel’s stores at the following address to visit:

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