Seamless steel pipe 60 SCH40 ASTM A106 API 5L

Seamless steel pipe 60x SCH40 is a cast steel pipe imported from China by TIger  Steel, manufactured by large factories and has guaranteed quality, the weight and thickness tolerances are always within the allowable threshold of max ±5 %. The product meets the standards used for petroleum API 5L, has an exact size of 60.3mm x 3.91mm.

ống thép đúc 60 SCH40

Where can I buy 60 SCH40 ASTM A106 API 5L pipe at a good price?

Tiger Steel is one of the direct importers of the following products:

  • Seamless steel pipe
    Large welded steel pipe
    Welding accessories SCH40 and SCH80

We specialize in serving gas, petroleum, compressed air, boiler systems. Here customers can find many types of steel pipes with different origins and different prices so that customers can easily choose. Tiger Steel is one of the reputable companies specializing in distribution with the best prices in the market.

ống thép đúc

Tiger Steel distributes many types of steel and accepts to import all kinds of steel according to customer’s specific requirements at the best price. Customers call directly to hotline 0968696789 to receive a quote 60 SCH40 ASTM A106 API 5L. In addition to the branch in Ho Chi Minh City, we also have a branch in Phnom Penh. We are ready to handle all your requests.

Cheap seamless steel pipe in Ho Chi Minh City

Tiger Steel provides all kinds of steel pipes with all specifications and sizes. Customers can find steel pipe products such as:

  • Seamless steel pipe
    Galvanized steel pipe
    Black Steel Pipe
    Large steel pipe

Besides, we also trade in all kinds of steel pipe fittings: threaded fittings, welding fittings and many other materials that customers can see in detail at the website. Customers who need advice should contact us at hotline 0968696789 for detailed product advice.

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