Cutting Steel Plates

Cutting Steel Plates

You are looking for a unit to process and cut steel plates as required. However, you’ve been looking and can’t find any place that is reasonably priced and still has good quality.

Then, come to visit Tiger Steel!

Our address is in Viet Nam  551/156 Le Van Khuong, Hiep Thanh Ward, District 12, HCMC.

Our address is in Cambodia 252 National Road 1, Prek Eng, Chbar Ampov, Phnom Penh, Campuchia.

cat-thep-tam-theo-yeu-cauSteel plate cutting

When choosing Tiger Steel, what will you get?

First of all, when you contact Tiger Steel to inquire about on-demand sheet metal cutting services, our staff will advise on the most suitable steel-cutting methods.

Suitable in terms of cost, but will still ensure aesthetics.

What if you do not know what kind of metal to choose? don’t worry! Tiger Steel staff, after consulting on how to cut, will also recommend the appropriate steel grade for your application.

Another thing is that the size of the metal plate is cut exactly to your needs. You can order what you want.

Well, if you still do not fully believe what the consulting staff says, you can visit Tiger Steel directly to check the product quality and visit the warehouse.

So at Tiger Steel, what methods are steel plates cut by?

You can learn about cutting methods in advance. Advantages and disadvantages of each cutting method before contacting.

Tiger Steel will present in order of increasing fees for you to easily follow.

Cutting steel plates as required by the method of Oxygen – Gas

This is a fairly old cutting technology. The principle of operation is to use compressed air to ignite the material to be cut to form Ocids. Then melt and blow them off the cutting surface.

Advantages of this method:

  • Thick steel plates can be cut
  • Low cost

Disadvantages of cutting steel plate with Oxy – Gas:

  • The aesthetic is not high, the thicker the steel plate, the larger the chamfer.
ការកាត់ដែកសន្លឹកដោយវិធី Oxy – Gascat-thep-tam-theo-yeu-cau-bang-oxy-gas
Cutting steel plate with Oxy – Gas

Cutting steel plates as required by the method of using the plasma beam

Application of electric arc phenomenon to melt metal at the cutting site.

The advantage of plasma cutting is its fast cutting speed. As a result, efficiency increases, saving time and human resources for businesses.

Plasma cutting has a small cut gap, less slag, less warping than Oxy-Gas cutting, and at the same time, the ability to cut faster, especially when processing sheet metal with a thickness of less than 50mm (compared to Oxy-Gas cutting). ) and sheet metal with a thickness of more than 3mm (compared to Laser cutting).

Besides, the cost of this method is not too high. It is only slightly better when it is processed with Oxy – Gas. Higher costs are due to the frequent replacement of nozzles, tips, and electrodes.

Plasma-cutting steel plate

Cut steel plate as required by laser method

This method uses cutting machines that apply semiconductor technology. By burning semiconductors that are Diot Galium – Arsenic to produce a Lazer beam capable of emitting extremely short pulses: milliseconds (ms), nanoseconds, picoseconds, allowing to concentrate extremely large laser energy in time. extremely short. This beam generates a tremendous amount of heat that is sufficient to cut, burn and vaporize engineering materials.

Laser-cut steel plates are aesthetically pleasing, thanks to a sharp, fast, and precise cut.

However, its cost is quite high.

ដែកសន្លឹកកាត់ដោយឡាស៊ែរ ( Lazer)
Laser-cutting steel plate

In addition to these three methods, there is one more method on the market to cut steel plates as required. It is the waterjet cutting method.

However, this method requires knowledgeable workers and high costs of machinery and equipment. So its processing cost is the highest.

Currently, Tiger Steel has not applied this method in processing.

If you have any questions or need more detailed answers. Then you can contact Tiger Steel directly!

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