Processing large-diameter steel pipes

Are you guys facing a situation like this?
Find all famous steel pipe manufacturers such as Hoa Phat, SeAH, and VinaOne,… But still have not found the type of steel pipe with the size, diameter, and thickness required by the project.
If you are in the situation above, then the large-diameter steel pipe processing service is a good choice for you right now!

Why is it necessary to process steel pipe coils?

The reason why it is necessary to process steel pipe coils

Why do you have to process steel pipes? Why not buy some pre-made, commercially available tubes?
Actual construction and the design of projects and works. There are always items that need oversized steel pipes or require thicknesses that are not available in the market.

Typically, the selection of water supply and drainage pipes in urban areas, parks, townhouses, etc. Water flow in each project is completely different.
The working pressure of the pipe is also different.
However, in the types of steel pipe products that are mass-produced and manufactured at factories. All types of steel pipes are manufactured according to the default size, thickness, and grade of steel.
It is difficult to have parameters such as design drawings, and calculations of projects and works.
Many times, your project only needs an additional 5-meter pipe, but the steel pipe on the market is only 6 meters, 12 meters. So you had to buy a whole 6-meter tree and bring it home to cut. After cutting the remainder, I don’t know what to use it for.
In addition, steel pipe products with a thickness of 20 mm or more and large such as wind turbines, thermal power, and heavy steel structures. Now, almost all of them are imported from abroad with very expensive prices, very high transportation costs, and very difficult.


The benefits that steel pipe processing brings

Because of the above reasons, steel pipe processing services are extremely necessary.
In addition to helping investors, general contractors solve the inadequacies of mass-produced steel pipes. The steel pipe bending service also brings the following benefits:

Benefits when processing steel pipes
  • Pipe diameter on request. Because it is processed by hand, the customer has complete control over the pipe diameter for his order
  • Custom thickness. Normally, mass steel pipes will not have a thickness outside the manufacturer’s catalog. But with manual steel pipe winding, the thickness can be completely adjusted arbitrarily.
  • Maximum pipe length 12 meters or optional. The steel plates are bent and welded manually, so the length of each pipe can be decided.
  • Low machining cost. To the actual survey of Tiger Steel in the market, the steel pipe processing service is extremely cheap

>>> For a quote for processing steel pipe, please contact this Hotline: +84932 059 176/+855968696789

Processing process for rolling large diameter steel pipes at Tiger Steel

To ensure product quality as well as the schedule for customers. Tiger Steel has invested in a new generation of wind turbines (tube winding machines), with outstanding advantages:
DURMA steel pipe winding machine HBR-4 20220
  • Length up to 8000 mm
  • Thickness up to 20 mm or more
  • Fast, stable, accurate, easy to use
  • Optimizing installation and operating space
  • Edge whirlwind, cone whirlwind, elliptical whirlwind easily
  • Roll 2 edges without turning the workpiece
  • Easy workpiece positioning
  • Get most of the profiles with the CNC library
  • Short working cycle
  • Highly protected electrical and hydraulic systems
  • Hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical elements selected from the world’s best brands
  • Using 4 rotary axes, integrated hydraulic self-bending system.

The process of winding steel pipes (tube batches) at Tiger Steel

  1. Step 1: Receive customer order information required information includes:
Required information includes:
  • Production steel-grades
  • Finished steel pipe diameter
  • Finished steel pipe thickness
  • Finished steel pipe length
If you already have technical drawings, just send Tiger Steel the drawing.
Steel plate cutting
2. Step 2: Roll the steel sheet into a round tube
Once you have all the necessary information. Tiger Steel will conduct:
  • Steel slitting
  • Cut steel into sheets of the required size with a steel cutter.
  • Put the steel sheets just cut into the steel pipe winding machine
pipe twisting stage
3. Step 3: Weld the rolled steel pipes

After the steel pipes have been rolled into shape, technicians will base on the length of steel pipes that customers need to weld the pipe segments together.
At the same time, weld the edges of the sheet together to form a closed round pipe.
At Tiger Steel, we use automatic welding machines (arc welding under M.I.G (metal inert gas).

  • High welding productivity, can fully mechanize the welding process, ensuring progress for customers.
  • The weld is beautiful, and the form and the steel plate to be welded are not affected by the oxidation of the metal.
  • The welding position is not cracked.


han-noi-ong-thepWelding 2 edges of steel plate

4. Step 4: Check the quality of the final product.
To evaluate whether the steel pipe after processing is qualified or not. Here are the items that need to be checked:
Steel grade: check whether the used steel grade is correct or not.
Weld quality:
  • There are no cracks on the weld line
  • Welding solder joints
  • No air porosity, slag jam, etc.
  • There is no OXH around the weld.

Actual works and products that Tiger Steel & Bao Tin Steel has completed

Some products that Tiger Steel & Bao Tin Steel has produced and supplied.
A few pictures of the projects that Tiger Steel & Bao Tin Steel has provided.

Quality of steel pipe products processed atTiger Steel & Bao Tin Steel

chung-nhan-xuat-xuongFactory certificate

Please note that the image above is a sample ex-factory certificate for an order that Bao Tin has ever produced.
Because it is processed on request, the steel grade of each order will be different. The specifications on the factory certificate will be different and cannot be used together.
So in each order that Tiger Steel & Bao Tin Steel completes, we will provide enough:

  • Certificate of Quality CQ
  • Certificate of origin of steel CO
  • Factory certificate
If you want to send an order request and need a quote. Do not hesitate to contact Tiger Steel & Bao Tin Steel with the information below!
Tiger Steel Cambodia is a branch of Bao Tin Steel Co., Ltd.

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