Steel Checker Plate

Steel checker plate is a type of sheet steel with raised edges on the surface. They are also known by another name ribbed steel plate. These ridges (ribs) are usually designed perpendicular to each other.

The purpose of the design of the edges is to increase the grip and friction of the steel plate.

Specifications of steel checker sheet

Steel checker plate is fabricated, cut from hot rolled coil, or produced by hot rolling. So basically its properties are similar to hot rolled steel plates.

You can learn more about hot-rolled steel plates here.

Steel checker sheet

Specification of steel checker plate:

  • Dimensions: cut to order for rolls and 6 meters long, 12 meters in ready-made bales.
  • Thickness: 6 ~ 127 mm
  • Length: 3000 ~ 28000 mm
  • Width: 1000 ~ 5200 mm

Advantages and applications of steel checker plate

Steel checker sheet is produced by the high-temperature rolling method. And let it cool naturally in the air, in addition, in its composition, Mn, Ni, and Molybdenum are added.

Therefore, it is possible to reduce or eliminate all stresses (tensile stress, compressive stress, shear stress) that deform the steel.

Because the main cause of these deformations is the separation of particles at high temperatures. This leads to the weakening of the bonds between crystals and when subjected to deformation, cracks along the crystal boundaries are created.

As a result, the ribbed steel plate has higher strength and better resistance to oxidization.

Besides, the design of ribs on the surface also helps this product better serve its intended use.

Application of steel checker sheet

Applications of steel checker plate

  • Construction of escape stairs. The feature of this staircase is that it is installed outside the building, so when it rains, having ribs will increase the grip on the surface of the stairs. Avoid accidents for users.
  • Construction of warehouse floor
  • Ship’s deck
  • Ferry
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