Flange DN200

The DN200 flange is a useful accessory for connecting two pipes. It can also help connect pipes to valves, barriers, or other devices.

Flanges are pipe elements, with the function of connecting parts of the piping system.

It is an element manufactured as a separate accessory. Or a component that is directly attached to each end of a pipe, pump, valve, or another component.

Specifications of flange DN200

Flange DN200 has many standards such as JIS, DIN, ANSI, BS,…

Let’s find out what each standard is different for DN200 flanges.

Specifications of flanges made according to JIS B2220

JIS 5K. Flange Standard Specifications
JIS 10K. Flange Standard Specifications


JIS 16K. Flange Standard Specifications


JIS 20K. Flange Standard Specifications


Specifications of flanges made according to DIN. standards

DIN 2576 – PN6. flange standard specification


DIN 2576 – PN10. flange standard specification


DIN 2544 – PN16. flange standard specification


DIN 2544 – PN25. flange standard specification


DIN 2544 – PN40. flange standard specification


Specifications of ANSI Fabricated Flanges (Including Flange DN200)

Standard Specifications ANSI Series 150. Flange


Standard Specifications of the 300. Series ANSI Flanges


🔥🔥🔥In addition to the 2 series  150 & 300  which are common goods, ANSI flanges also have other lines such as  400, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500. You can see more in the table below (Documents are quoted from the standard). ASME/ANSI B16.10/19).

BS 4504 – EN 1092. flange standard specification

Standard Specifications of BS 4504 PN6. Flanges


Standard Specifications of BS 4504 PN10. Flange


Standard Specifications of BS 4504 PN16. Flange


BS 4504 PN25. flange standard specification


Standard specification of BS 4504 PN40. flange


Characteristics of flanges DN200 in particular and flanges in general

There are several characteristics of DN200 flanges. Including:

  • Bolt holes are precisely drilled in the flange body for easy assembly.
  • One side of the bolt hole will be slightly beveled to ensure that the washer and bolt will not be displaced when mounting.
  • To achieve maximum strength, the flow of the workpiece must be strictly controlled.
  • The fluid flow is not affected by the precise and smooth bore.
  • To ensure correct alignment, all faces are machined within tolerances of international standards.

gallery1Close-up shot of flanges at  Tiger Steel.


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