Flange DN50

Maybe you don’t know. That the flange dimensions are not the same as in other materials. For each standard, and each pressure class, the size of the flange is also different. DN50 flange example.

In JIS 5K, its OD is 130, but in JIS 10K, the OD is 155. Although the same pressure standard, the size is different.
To better understand flanges, as well as DN50 flanges. Please read through the article below!

DN50 . Flange Specifications

Specifications of flanges made according to JIS B2220

JIS 5K. flange standard specification


JIS 10K. flange standard specification


IS 16K. flange standard specification


JIS 20K. flange standard specification


Specifications of flanges made according to DIN. standards

DIN 2576 – PN6. flange standard specification


DIN 2576 – PN10. flange standard specification


DIN 2544 – PN16. flange standard specification


DIN 2544 – PN25. flange standard specification


DIN 2544 – PN40. flange standard specification


Specifications for flanges made according to ANSI

Standard Specifications ANSI Series 150. Flange


Standard Specifications of the 300. Series ANSI Flanges

mat-bich-thep-ansi-300 ??? In addition to the 2 series  150 & 300  which are common goods, ANSI flanges also have other lines such as  400, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500. You can see more in the table below (Documents are quoted from the standard). ASME/ANSI B16.10/19).

Flange Standard Specification BS 4504 – EN 1092 

BS 4504 PN6. flange standard specification


Specifications of BS 4504 PN10. flange standard


Specifications of BS 4504 PN16. flange standard


Specification of BS 4504 PN25. flange standard


Specifications of standard flange BS 4504 PN40


Advantages and applications of flange DN50

Flange DN50 in particular and flanges in general have been and are important accessories in pipeline works.

They help the liquids and gases in the pipeline not to leak. The connection between the pipe segments with each other and with other fittings is tighter.

Re-installation is extremely easy, just weld the pipe and bolt to fix it. Especially in large pipes that are difficult to connect using threaded fittings.

As for DN50 flanges, you can find them in these works:

  • Gas pipelines
  • Oil pipelines
  • Water pipeline
  • On pressure vessels, boilers, …

ung-dung-cua-mat-bich-dn50Some applications of Flange DN50

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