Elbows 45 degree FKK

Welding elbow 45  is a common steel pipe fittings widely used in construction works and pipeline systems. On the market, there are quite a few factories producing all kinds of welding rods, but FKK welding elbow is a highly appreciated fitting (accessory) brand. Although new to the market in recent years,  FKK fitting (accessories)  have won the trust of many customers thanks to the quality of their products.

Co hàn 45 độ fkk

Specifications for Elbow welding 45 degree

Customers refer to the following table of welding specifications:


  • Nominal diameter: A, B
  • Outside diameter: OD
  • Distance from center to end face: F, H
  • Distance from center to center: P
  • Distance from center to end face: K
  • Approxiamate weight kg 90 E(S): SGP, S40, S80

Customers want  to buy welding Elbow or FKK fitting (accessories) should contact Tigersteel for detailed product advice as well as receive the best quote. We distribute FKk fitting (accessories) in Ho Chi Minh City and nationwide:

  • Hotline: +855968696789
  • Email: tigersteel.vn@gmail.com
  • Website: https://tigersteel.vn/

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