Concentric welding reducer FKK

Concentric reducers are fittings used to connect pipes of different sizes. The product is capable of narrowing the vertical flow. Tiger steel offers high quality FKK concentric reducers in various sizes. Customers can refer to the specification table below or download the FKK accessories catalog to see the full process, line, technology and production standards FKK welding accessories.

bầu giảm hàn đồng tâm fkk

Specifications of concentric reducer

Chú thích:

  • Nominal diameter:A B
  • Outside diameter: OD1 OD2
  • Distance from center to end face: H
  • Approximate weight gk: SGP S40 S80

Contact Tiger steel to receive a quote for concentric reducers and FKK fitting (accessories). Tiger steel distributor of pipe fittings with the best prices nationwide. Customers can refer to the catalog of Mech thread fitting (accessories), Jian Zhi fitting (accessories), and Siam Thailand fitting (accessories) at the catalog of the website:

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