Producing civil black steel pipe

Civil black steel pipe to meet the needs of using steel pipes. Round steel pipes in general structures are used by us with steel grade STK (STK 400, STK 490, STK 500) according to JIS G3444 standard. Square steel pipe, rectangular steel pipe using steel grade STKR (STKR 400, STKR 490) according to JIS G3466 standard.

Producing civil black steel pipe

Civil black steel is widely applied in the fields of life such as:

  • In the building structure
    Steel Buildings
    Bearing Scaffolding
    Ultrasonic pile system in foundation structure
    Steel pipes used in space truss structures
    Steel pipes for telecommunication poles
    In the city lights
    Hook in the container
  • Sản xuất ống thép đen dân dụng

In some cases requiring “black steel pipe” which needs a balance between hardness and durability and good wear resistance, SS540 steel grade imported from China must be requested. Tiger Steel is an importer of cheap steel pipes from China. Customers wishing to import steel pipes can contact us.

Application of civil steel pipe

Civil black steel pipe is used in many fields of life. Here are some of the most popular applications that Bao Tin Steel has compiled:

  • Sused as purlins, door frames… in steel buildings

xà gỗ, khung cửa nhà thép

– Steel pipes used for decoration, space truss design

giàn không gian

  • Steel pipe used to manufacture lamp post, need urban lightingịcột đèn, cần đèntrụ viễn thông - Thép Bảo Tín
  • Steel pipes for scaffolding
    khung giàn giáo

In addition, steel pipes are also used to manufacture motorcycle and bicycle frames, table and chair frames, shelves, racks, water pipes, pillars… Customers who have demand for steel pipes can contact Tiger Steel for us. consulting and providing quotation of civil black steel pipe as well as other types of steel pipe that customers are interested in.


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