Ball valve with Miha hand-operated ball valve

Bao Tin Steel is a distributor of Minh Hoa valves in the South with the best price.

Miha brass ball valve with soft-hands ball valve is a high-quality product line manufactured in Vietnam, distributed by Bao Tin Steel.


Copper ball valve, flexible hose connection

Specialized valve for water supply

Hand valve blue purple

Working pressure Max. 16 bar

Max working temperature. 120oC

Technical data:

 inchValve size




ØA (mm)16
B (mm)37
C (mm)91
D (mm)
E (mm)70
Weight (g)265
Pcs / box


NO.   PART             MATERIAL

2Valve bodyBrass
3John the ballTeflon
5Tube hoopBrass
6Gasket hugging the tubeNBR
7Valve shaftBrass
8Screw valveInox
9Hand valveSteel

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