Galvanized seamless steel pipe

Tiger Steel specializes in importing high-quality galvanized steel pipes in Ho Chi Minh City. ASTM A106 GrB/ API 5L x SCH40/ 80. We are direct importer.

Galvanized seamless steel pipe how many types?

Galvanized seamless steel  pipe  usually used for hot steam, high pressure compressed air, boiler, chemical systems… There are many types of  cast steel pipes with different sizes on the market.galvanized  seamless  steel pipe  ASTM A106 Gr B, galvanized seamless steel pipe SCH 40/80/160…

ống thép đúc mạ kẽm tại Tphcm

In addition, customers can order steel pipes with their own specifications and Tiger Steel will quickly import them for customers. We always distribute steel pipes with the best prices on the market.

How are pipes dipped in zinc?

Normally, we will import  black seamless steel pipe, galvanized pipe dipped according to customer’s requirement. The majority of seamless steel pipes  used are black pipes.,However, for use in some special environments, it will be necessary to galvanize, to ensure the safety and longevity of the piping system.

ống đúc mạ kẽm nhúng nóng
seamless steel pipe will have the outside paint removed and the inside of the pipe cleaned before hot dipping. The steel pipe will be sandblasted, soaked in acid… and then put in a hot-dip galvanizing tank. Therefore, the coating quality is always controlled and guaranteed.

Galvanized seamless steel pipe in Ho Chi Minh City

Tiger Steel has been a prestigious address since 2012, specializing in importing high quality galvanized steel pipes with good prices. Customers in Ho Chi Minh City, if they have time, are invited to come directly to our warehouse to directly buy products as well as visit all kinds of steel pipes.

Besides trading galvanized steel pipes Tiger steel  also has other types of steel pipes as follows.

What products does Tiger Steel provide?

The following are the main products that Tiger Steel is providing, please contact us if you have any needs:

  • seamless steel pipe

  • Large diameter steel pipe

  • Galvanized Steel Pipe

  • Steel pipe Hoa Phat

  • SeAH . Steel Pipe

  • Nam Kim galvanized steel tube

  • Galvanized steel V

  • Steel  square and rectangular

  • Fire protection materials

  • FKK Vietnam Accessories

  • U I V U-shaped steel

  • Steel plate

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