Galvanized steel sheet

Galvanized steel sheet is also known as galvanized steel plate. This is a line of steel sheets that are cut and discharged directly from galvanized coils.
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The production process of galvanized steel sheet

The process below is derived from Hoa Phat’s technology line.
Hoa Phat galvanized steel sheet used to produce galvanized steel sheet is manufactured according to the following steps:
  • Step 1: Unroll the roll. The corrugated iron rolls are put into the machine to discharge the coil into strips, and long steel tapes.
  • Step 2: Clean the steel tape
  • Step 3: Put into an oxygen-free annealing furnace to heat again
  • Step 4: Dip through the plating bath
  • Step 5: Dry and cool the steel strip
  • Step 6: Check and evaluate the coating thickness
  • Step 7: Rolling with a rolling mill to make the steel strip after plating smooth
  • Step 8: The steel strip is chemically coated, dried, and further coated with electrostatic oil to protect the surface.
  • Step 9: Collect the roll

Please see details of equipment, machinery, and production stages in the picture below.

Galvanized coil production line
Galvanized coil production line

Specifications of galvanized coil

Galvanized steel sheet is produced by NOF (Non-Oxidizing Furnace) technology.


  • Zinc plated: JIS G3302/BSEN 10346/AS 1397/ASTM A653- A653M
  • Zinc-aluminum plated: JIS G3321/ BSEN 10346/AS 1397/ASTM A792-A972M

Tensile (N/mm ): ≥ 270
Base steel thickness (mm):

  • Zinc plated: 0,25 – 3,0
  • Zinc-aluminum plated: 0,15 – 1,5

Width of corrugated iron (mm): 750 – 1,250
Roll inside diameter (mm): 508 (± 10), 610 (± 10)
Roll Outer Diameter (mm): 900 2,000
Roll Weight (TON): 25

Coating weight:
Zinc plating: Z06 – Z35
Zinc-aluminum plated: AZ40 – AZ200

Bending: 2T

Then these zinc corrugated iron rolls will be discharged and cut the sheet steel that you require.

Discharge of corrugated iron roll
Discharge of corrugated iron roll

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