Galvanized threaded cap China

Galvanized threaded cap, China

Tiger steel, We specialize in providing all kinds of thread galvanized fittings, threaded cap, inner thread cap, galvanized thread cap and many other types of accessories.

The products we distribute are of high quality with the best prices in the market. Customers refer to the specifications of the threaded cap here:

  • Specification: DN15 to DN100
  • Working pressure: 150LBS
  • Material: Cast
  • Place of Origin: CHINA
  • According to BS EN 10242 standard BS 143 & 1256
  • Use:  Water supply and drainage systems, refrigeration systems, fire protection pipelines, steam, gas, petrol…

Quotation for threaded cap,China

Tiger steel always has a large quantity of goods available for distribution to customers. Customers who are interested in the product want to receive a quotation for the galvanized threaded cap, China.

Contact us to provide the fastest information. In addition, customers can also refer to the price list of products in the price list on the menu of the website.

We are proud to be a distributor of high quality steel and steel pipe fittings at the best prices in the market

Customers can request to import steel according to their own specifications at Tiger steel.

Currently we are serving customers in both Vietnam and Cambodia markets. Please call hotline 0932059176 for fastest service.

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