Galvanized Thread Coupling, China

Galvanized Thread Coupling, China

Galvanized Thread Coupling, China Tiger steel specializes in supplying all kinds of galvanized threaded accessories such as: threaded elbow, l lace male /female threaded elbow,threaded  tee, threaded tee, threaded nipple, steam union, thread reducer, hexagon bushing,  plug, threaded cap, welded coupling, etc. Customers refer to product specifications:

  • Specification: DN15 to DN100
  • Working pressure: 150LBS
  • Material: Cast
  • Place of Origin: CHINA
  • According to BS EN 10242 standard BS 143 & 1256
  • Use:  Water supply and drainage systems, refrigeration systems, fire protection pipelines, steam, gas, petrol…

Tiger steel imports and distributes large-sized steel pipes from DN250 – DN800, including black welded and galvanized pipes.

Tiger steel also accepts to process steel pipes on request, to manufacture large steel pipes according to orders with pipe lengths up to 13m.

Our motto: “Prestige is a prerequisite for every order!”

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