Hoa Phat square steel tube 30×60

Technical specifications of Hoa Phat square steel tube 30×60

  • Tube size: 30×60 mm
  • Wall thickness: 0.8 mm ~ 3 mm
  • Length: 6 meters, 12 meters, or cut as required
  • Production standard: ASTM A500
  • Manufacturer: Hoa Phat
Hoa Phat square steel tube 30×60

Advantages and applications of square steel tube 30×60

Advantages of black square steel tube:

  • Cheap price: low production costs mean the price is not high. Lower than galvanized square steel tube, helping to save a lot of costs when used.
  • High durability: the product can withstand good force, limit distortion, and warp, and is highly durable.
  • Long lifespan: depending on weather and environmental conditions The product’s lifespan can be several years or decades.
  • Easy to construct and maintain: easy to install and easy to clean and maintain.
Application of Hoa Phat square steel tube

Application of black square steel tube

  • Used in construction, the engineering industry, and public works. For example: making roof frames, scaffolding,…
  • Used in many applications, such as steel beam structures, bridge construction, pedestrian bridges, and barriers
  • Used in ducts, radio systems, TV towers, etc.

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