Jinil Bend Vina welding cap (black)

Jinil Bend Vina welding cap (black)

Welding cap Jinil Bend Vina (black) distributed by Tiger steel, We specialize in providing 
welding cap, Jinil Bend Vina. Jinil Vina welding accessories such as welding elbow, welding tee,
Welding Reducer, Welding Cap Korea.


Tiger Steel Steel Co., Ltd. is the official distributor of Jinil Bend Vina’s steel pipe fittings in Vietnam market such as:

Jinil Bend Vina welding cap (black)

We sell nationwide, goods can be delivered by truck, train…

Jinil Bend Vina is a professional steel pipe fittings manufacturer with steel and stainless steel fittings products such as:

Elbow/elbow 90 degrees (long/short), elbow/elbow 45 degrees, Reducer (concentric/eccentric), tee (reduced), Flange (hollow/blind)…

Jinil Bend Vina is a company with 100% Korean capital.

Jinil Bend Vina’s products are all certified to meet ISO 9001: 2007 / ISO 9001: 2000 standards.

(Quality Assurance Department of Korea Building Materials Research Institute)

KS (Korea Industrial Standards JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard

Jinil Bend Vina’s products are available in all common sizes, specializing in serving civil and industrial projects such as fire protection systems.

Electromechanical chiller system for high-rise buildings, office buildings, high-class apartments; and used in gas, oil, steam…

We accept supply throughout the territory of Vietnam and Cambodia

Any other information, please feel free to contact us for answers.

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